ATLANTA – June 10, 2013 – (RealEstateRama) — The National Association of Real Estate Editors (NAREE) today announced the winners of its 63rd Annual Journalism Awards, recognizing excellence in reporting, writing and editing stories about residential and commercial real estate.

Daniel DiClerico with Robert TiernanAndrea RockMartin Romm and Anna Veksler from Consumer Reports magazine received NAREE’s Platinum Award for Best Individual Entry.
Andrea Brambila of Inman News was honored with the Gold Award for the Ruth Ryon Best Entry by a Young Journalist; Eliot Brown of the Wall Street Journal earned the Silver Award.
The President’s Gold Award for Best Freelance Collection went to Matt Hudgins, Freelance/New York Times, with Katherine Salant earning the Silver Award for her freelance work.
A panel of expert judges from the E. W. Scripps School of Journalism at Ohio University selected all award winners.Professor Patrick S. Washburn, a former news reporter and editor, chaired the panel.
More information is available at www.NAREE.org.
The category winners are:
Category 1: Best Breaking News Report
Gold Award: Matthew Goldstein and Jennifer Ablan Reuters
Judges’ Comment on Gold Award: “The reporters examined a new approach to the U.S. housing crisis: allowing government officials to use their eminent domain powers to restructure home mortgages. As the writers noted, this long-time government power may be a new approach to addressing underwater mortgages. It is written in such a way that a complex process is explained clearly.”
Silver Award: Eric PryneSeattle Times
Judges’ Comment on Silver Award: “This reporter broke the story about Amazon.com’s purchase of three Seattle downtown blocks to build its headquarters. This was an example of solid and accurate reporting amid an atmosphere of rumors and misinformation with the information for the story dug up through interviews and the searching of city databases. The writing is clear and provides great context.”
Bronze Award: Ken HarneyInman News
Judges’ Comment on Bronze Award: “Ken Harney broke the story about a form of home equity protection insurance that was suddenly yanked off the market. The story was obviously based on a lot of legwork and keen sourcing among regulators and insurers. It is written clearly, cleanly, and concisely.”
Honorable Mention: Carrie RossenfeldGlobeSt.com
Judges’ Comment on Honorable Mention: “This reporter broke the news about the sale of an iconic Los Angeles property—the parking lot of Dodgers Stadium—despite attempts by sources to keep it out of the press. It was a real scoop in LA, where citizens are particularly interested in their professional sports teams.”
Category 2: Best Investigative Report or Investigative Series
Gold Award: Andrea BrambilaInman News
Judges’ Comment on Gold Award: “This story uncovered some of the problems associated with the National Association of Realtors’ property data base that is used by the group’s one million members as well as many consumers. The reporter obtained information using internal NAR documents and interviews, making for a compelling and disturbing story.”
Silver Award: David MigoyaDenver Post
Judges’ Comment on Silver Award: “These enterprising stories discussed pending legislative action to make sure that foreclosures were legal and enforceable. The work revealed a number of problems with how foreclosures were handled in Colorado in a system that is unique to the U.S. The writing is clearly page-one material.”
Bronze Award: Mark HeschmeyerCoStar News

Judges’ Comment on Bronze Award: “This story examined how the collapse of the housing industry contributed to a spike in farm prices, particularly in the cornbelt and the northern plains. Relying on exhaustive legwork and interviews, the reporter detailed the serious, long-term impact of this unexpected increase in a very readable fashion.”

Honorable Mention: Amy Wolff SorterGlobeSt.com
Judges’ Comment on Honorable Mention: “This story illustrated the dilemma of a neighborhood that was dominated by sexually-oriented business and what happened when these businesses moved on: the neighborhood began to draw attention from commercial developers. It is written in a brisk and engaging manner that holds a reader’s attention.”
Category 3: Best Column
Gold Award: Katherine Salant, Freelance
Judges’ Comment on Gold Award: “This columnist writes about diverse topics with equal ease.  The stories would be of wide interest to consumers and her writing style is crisp and concise.”
Silver Award: Mary UmbergerChicago TribuneInman News
Judges’ Comment on Silver Award: “The tried and true Q&A format is fresh in the hands of this experienced, veteran columnist. The writing is brisk and engaging.”
Bronze Award: Kenneth HarneyWashington Post Writers Group
Judges’ Comment on Bronze Award: “This columnist addresses a variety of topics in a thoughtful and well explained manner. Most of the columns require substantial legwork and research and would be of great value to readers.”
Honorable Mention Award: Edith LankCreators Syndicate
Judges’ Comment on Honorable Mention Award: “The topics and writing in this long-time nationally syndicated column are fresh, bright, and interesting. The writing is energetic and holds the attention of the audience.”
Category 4: Best Series by an Individual
Gold Award: Randyl DrummerCoStar News
Judges’ Comment on Gold Award: “The reporter’s stories reported on the interesting phenomenon of the gap between strong and weak mall properties, which prompted a sell-off of weaker properties, leading to the redevelopment or the repurposing of some of them. The question is who wants to buy a dying mall, and these stories answered that. The writing is clear and avoids jargon and explains the developments in a way that both lay people and developers can understand.”
Silver Award: Justin SumnerCoStar News
Judges’ Comment on Silver Award: “These stories focused on the idea that ‘green’ buildings appeal to tenants but lenders may be slow to finance these type of improvements. This is a catch-22 facing the real estate industry, and the reporter examines it in a concise and reader friendly way.”
Bronze Award: David MigoyaDenver Post
Judges’ Comment on Bronze Award: “This reporter’s work was a strong, comprehensive look at the mortgage crisis in Colorado. He explored angle after angle, and dimension after dimension, to reveal and document questionable foreclosure practices. The writing is fair, balanced, and compelling.”
Category 5: Best Collection of Work by an Individual
Gold Award: Nancy KeatesWall Street Journal

Judges’ Comment on Gold Award: “In the contest’s largest category, this reporter stood out with stories about expensive homes of college head football coaches, a reclusive billionaire and his huge amounts of property, and more and more city owners building glass homes. The article about the football coaches was particularly noteworthy because of the amount of detail and the interesting writing. As for the glass houses story, it stood out because it was about an unreported national trend.”

Silver Award: Matt Hudgins, Freelance/New York Times

Judges’ Comment on Silver Award: “This is the work of a journalist who does truly professional reporting.  A good example was his story on real estate development in Austin, the Texas capital.  He profiled the boom that has drawn a lot of young professionals to the city.”

Bronze Award: Elaine MisonzhnikNational Real Estate Investor
Judges’ Comment on Bronze Award: “Her stories had one dominant theme: trends in commercial real estate. For instance, there were articles about the competition by developers for outlet malls and attempts by the commercial real estate industry to diversify and update its image.  These stories are interesting commentaries on the industry and the American culture.”
Honorable Mention: Michelle Jarboe McFeeCleveland Plain Dealer
Judges’ Comment on Honorable Mention: “The reporter’s stories focused on the color and culture of the Cleveland community, including a story about a low-profile young landlord. Her writing is clear, lively, and concise as she writes about local issues.”
Category 6: Best Home & Design Feature
Gold Award: Lauren BealeLos Angeles Times
Judges’ Comment on Gold Award: “This was a new angle on the rich and the famous: how they are building more and more bathrooms in expensive houses as a status symbol and a style statement. The reporter looked closely at the home of Adrian Beltre, a former member of the Los Angeles Dodgers, and noted that his home has sixteen bathrooms, which his wife said are all used. The reporter provided an excellent example of what all newspaper reporters are told: Keep the reader turning the page.”
Silver Award: Alyssa AbkowitzWall Street Journal

Judges’ Comment on Silver Award: “This story demonstrated how more and more individual owners of resort properties are jettisoning traditional chalet-style ski homes. Instead, modern designs, both in the U.S. and outside of it, dominate the field of ski resort architecture by individual owners. The writing is brisk, direct, colorful, and descriptive.”

Bronze Award: Kathy OrtonWashington Post

Judges’ Comment on Bronze Award: “The story examined the question of whether sustainable housing can be affordable. The reporter worked on the story for several months and wrote about a collaboration of a university, a non-profit agency, and a government agency in the District of Columbia. It is an engaging and smartly written account.”

Honorable Mention: Polyana da CostaBankrate.com
Judges’ Comment on Honorable Mention: “This was a light look at renovation disasters, such as trapping a cat beneath a kitchen floor, and how to avoid them. It was a humorous warning for perspective remodelers.”
Category 7: Best Residential Real Estate Report in a Daily Newspaper
Gold Award: Jamie Smith HopkinsBaltimore Sun
Judges’ Comment on Gold Award: “This story illustrated the paradox of unsold Baltimore condominiums that are taxed as if they are empty lots, playing a role in the city losing a large amount of much-needed tax money. It is gracefully written, clearly structured, and packs a punch.”
Silver Award: Sanjay BhattSeattle Times

Judges’ Comment on Silver Award: “This examined the ripple effect of foreclosed homes and how they ultimately effect nearly everyone in the Seattle area. This took a novel approach to a topic that has been written many times and did it well.”

Bronze Award: Jeff CollinsOrange County Register
Judges’ Comment on Bronze Award: “This story raised questions about the business judgment of the new president of the National Association of Realtors. His business was hit hard by the housing recession, prompting him to file for personal and corporate bankruptcy. To provide a balanced account, the reporter thoroughly interviewed people who both supported and criticized the president.”
Honorable Mention: Sue DoerflerArizona Republic
Judges’ Comment on Honorable Mention: “This reporter looked at a movement in a number of places in the country to save Frank Lloyd Wright homes from being torn down. In the Phoenix area, however, the homes may be demolished. The story took a ‘bigger picture’ look at preservation issues nationwide, delving interestingly into issues such as home-owners’ and investors’ rights and government preservation mandates.”
Category 8: Best Mortgage or Financial Real Estate Report in a Daily Newspaper
Gold Award: Pete CareySan Jose Mercury News

Judges’ Comment on Gold Award: “The reporter chronicled a house stuck with more than a dozen adults as well as pets; the tenants were unaware that the house was foreclosed and they faced eviction. Using objective and highly interesting reporting, the story laid out the details and in effect told how the foreclosed house became ‘a mini-motel.’”

Silver Award: Nick TimiraosWall Street Journal

Judges’ Comment on Silver Award: “The story examined how disputes between banks and Fannie Mae as well as Freddie Mac have made it more difficult for Americans to get mortgages. It is a well explained story on a complex topic that uses a lot of data and interviews to make its point.”

Bronze Award: Eric PryneSeattle Times
Judges’ Comment on Bronze Award: “This was an overview of factors that consumers should consider when renting or buying homes. The reporter looked into contemporary trends and variables in offering good advice to consumers.”
Category 9: Best Commercial Real Estate Report in a Daily Newspaper
Gold Award: Eliot BrownWall Street Journal

Judges’ Comment on Gold Award: “This story focused on an entertainment district that was supposed to revive downtown Kansas City but ended up costing the city unexpected millions in debt service. In the bigger picture, this revealed problems in a federal urban development program. The reporter does a good job of explaining how a well-intended effort could go wrong.”

Silver Award: Eric PryneSeattle Times
Judges’ Comment on Silver Award: “This article demonstrated the stunning impact of Amazon.com on commercial real estate in downtown Seattle. It profiled the amazing impact that the company has and does it in a crisp, declarative, and engaging fashion.”
Bronze Award: Pete CareySan Jose Mercury News
Judges’ Comment on Bronze Award: “The reporter explained how the devastating loss in home values in the San Francisco bay area rocked the region. Among other things that he highlighted was the effect of this on small businesses and consumer spending.”
Honorable Mention: Matt Hudgins, Freelance/New York Times
Judges’ Comment on Honorable Mention: “This story outlined an interesting trend in New York City: partial-interest deals. This topic had apparently been overlooked by other reporters covering the city’s real estate but is a growing trend. The reporter did a good job of explaining a somewhat complex issue.”
Category 10: Best Report in a Daily Newspaper under 150,000 Circulation
Gold Award: Alicia WallaceBoulder Daily Camera
Judges’ Comment on Gold Award: “After repeated efforts to enter the Boulder, Colo., market, Walmart had always been met with opposition from local citizens. The reporter used various methods to determine the owner of a new building in the city. The methods included checking paint samples and building designs of Walmart grocery stores in the Denver area. Then, she wrote an engaging and enterprising story about what she had found, thus rendering a valuable public service.”
Silver Award: Carol HazardRichmond Times-Dispatch
Judges’ Comment on Silver Award: “This was an intriguing profile of a Virginia construction manager working in Afghanistan. It chronicled his life overseas and his potential business plans when he returns permanently to the U.S.”
Bronze Award: Kristy RuponThe State
Judges’ Comment on Bronze Award: “This story detailed the emergence of a new shopping corridor in Columbia, S.C. It extensively explained why a third shopping corridor could exist in the city and told readers why they should pay attention to this.”
Category 11: Best Report in a Weekly Business Newspaper
Gold Award: Jeanne JonesPuget Sound Business Journal
Judges’ Comment on Gold Award: “A spectacular dissection of the rise and fall of a Seattle-area real estate king, this story showed not only how he built his empire but how it collapsed, resulting in him finally being apprehended by the French police after sixteen months in hiding. The story outlined the ripple effects of his actions across the U.S. It is crisply written in a high-impact style.”
Silver Award: Daniel DugganCrain’s Detroit Business
Judges’ Comment on Silver Award: “This story, which relied heavily on public documents, was an in-depth examination of a Detroit property empire. It revealed that although many of the properties were foreclosed, the investors still made a profit. The writing is clear, direct, and explanatory.”
Bronze Award: J.K. DineenSan Francisco Business Times
Judges’ Comment on Bronze Award: “The story focused on how huge development projects in the San Francisco bay area created labor shortages. This was a ‘bigger picture’ story that discussed the effect of the recent recession on building and real estate and how one region was different from others.”
Honorable Mention: Carisa ChappellRegion’s Business
Judges’ Comment on Honorable Mention: “This story was a seldom explored topic: the challenges as well as the opportunities encountered by the Archdiocese of Philadelphia in disposing of property. Using engaging writing, it showed how the Archdiocese repurposed its real estate portfolio.”
Category 12: Best Residential, Mortgage or Financial Real Estate Report in a Magazine
Gold Award: Camilla McLaughlin, Freelance/Unique Homes
Judges’ Comment on Gold Award: “This story examined the effect of government regulations in Asia, focusing on luxury real estate in six geographic regions. It was a comprehensive and interesting look at something in the real estate area that most Americans probably know little about.”
Category 13: Best Trade Magazine Report on Residential Real Estate, Mortgage/Finance, or Home Building/Residential Development Industries
Gold Award: Ted CushmanBuilder Magazine
Judges’ Comment on Gold Award: “Using interviews with not only builders but volunteers and people who lost homes, this reporter gave a graphic picture of rebuilding Joplin, Mo., after it was hit by a tornado that killed 161 people. The story illustrated the impact that a natural disaster can have on a town. The reporter particularly was able to make the story vivid because he visited Joplin after the disaster.”
Silver Award: Matt PowerGreen Builder Magazine
Judges’ Comment on Silver Award: “This intriguing report examined an element in the building environment that few people consider: the makeup of soil and how important it is to find good building sites and carefully selecting areas for lawns and gardens. Soil is an often overlooked component in evaluating the value of a property, and the writer is to be congratulated on looking at this topic.”
Bronze Award: Justin HilleyHousingWire

Judges’ Comment on Bronze Award: “More than a personality profile of the Nevada Attorney General, who clearly has the clout to impact the real estate industry, this story examined how she dealt with mortgage fraud and other problems related to the real estate meltdown in the state. This is a very readable and concise account.”

Honorable Mention: Jon PriorHousingWire
Judges’ Comment on Honorable Mention: “This was an engaging profile of how the Iowa Attorney General responded to the mortgage crisis in his state. The story examined step by step the moves made to protect the state’s residents.”
Category 14: Best Trade Magazine Report on the Commercial Real Estate Industry
Gold Award: Adam PincusReal Deal

Judges’ Comment on Gold Award: “Using tax records, the reporter developed the first-ever ranking of how much money the top-ranking New York City landlords made in one year. These never-before published figures illustrated a crucial part of the real estate business in Manhattan. The story stood out because of the initiative shown by the reporter.”

Silver Award: Elaine MisonzhnikNational Real Estate Investor

Judges’ Comment on Silver Award: “This story outlined how developers increasingly are competing in building outlet malls and how the outlet mall sector is becoming overcrowded. The story idea was novel and executed in a concise, explanatory, and interesting manner.”

Bronze Award: David BodamerNational Real Estate Investor

Judges’ Comment on Bronze Award: “This explanatory article looked at the trend of some manufacturers to return their operations to the U.S. and the impact on real estate. It used extensive data and interviews to explain the issue in depth.”

Honorable Mention: Suzann SilvermanCommercial Property Executive
Judges’ Comment on Honorable Mention: “This special report looked at the best and worst cities for real estate investors in a volatile market. It used not only interviews but material from other sources for a detailed and interesting look at this topic.”
Category 15: Best Residential Mortgage or Financial Real Estate Report or Feature
Gold Award: Paul HageyInman News

Judges’ Comment on Gold Award: “This story examined the implications of Minnesota’s large brokerage firm, Edina Realty, withholding listings from national web sites. The reporter examined in detail the ramifications of this decision, all of those affected, and the benefits to the firm. Inman News is to be complimented for giving the reporter enough space to cover the story in a detailed manner.”

Silver Award: Polyana da CostaBankrate.com
Judges’ Comment on Silver Award: “This interesting article explored an unfortunately common problem: how divorce can affect a mortgage. This valuable story offered couples a variety of options for resolving their mortgage problems after they split up.”
Bronze Award: Melinda Fulmer, Freelance/MSN Real Estate
Judges’ Comment on Bronze Award: “This reporter took a term that is not well known outside of the real estate business, blotting, and explained the impact it was having on the reclamation of otherwise blighted inner-city neighborhoods. There were numerous concrete examples which were bolstered by good interviews.”
Honorable Mention: Andrea BrambilaInman News
Judges’ Comment on Honorable Mention: “The reporter analyzed FHA loan data to identify the ten hottest markets for first-time home buyers. The amount of information provided was substantial and presented in an easily understood fashion. This interpretative piece uncovered the fact that low-priced houses are not always a good value.”
Category 16: Best Commercial Real Estate Report
Gold Award: David LevittBloomberg News

Judges’ Comment on Gold Award: “This was a highly interesting story about a New York City landmark, the Empire State Building, and the jousting over control of the property. The story illustrated not only the financial aspects but the very human dimensions of the dispute. The writing makes for compelling reading.”

Silver Award: Oshrat CarmielBloomberg News
Judges’ Comment on Silver Award: “The story was a great follow-up on the collapse of a major financial institution, Lehman Brothers, and how the remains of Lehman had become a huge player in real estate.  The article was well researched.”
Bronze Award: Ralph BivinsCultureMap.com
Judges’ Comment on Bronze Award: “This breaking news article focused on the purchase of the Exxon Mobil tower in Houston. It is a great example of an explanatory story that shows the possible ramifications of a purchase of this magnitude.”
Category 17: Best Blog
Gold Award: Candace EvansJoanna EnglandCandysDirt.com
Judges’ Comment on Gold Award: “This is a sassy look at some of the most expensive housing in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The writing is breezy without being flippant.”
Silver Award: Nick TimiraosSarah TiltonJessica E. VascellaroLauren Schuker Blum and Al Yoon,Wall Street Journal

Judges’ Comment on Silver award: “This blogger stands out because of the amount of information that he gives in his stories. And not only is there a lot of information, but it is timely and well written and interesting.”

Bronze Award: Polyana da CostaBankrate.com
Judges’ Comment on Bronze Award: “This blogger writes in an interesting fashion and never forgets that large pieces of gray type turn off many readers. So, the information is presented in small chunks that contain a lot of meat.”
Category 18: Best Broadcast Report—Online, Radio or Television—on Local, Network or Cable Channels
Gold Award: Valerie KelloggNewsday
Judges’ Comment on Gold Award: “This ‘inside tour’ of high-priced homes for sale on Long Island shows beautifully what it is like to live with the rich if you can afford that type of housing. The comments fit well with the visuals.”
Category 19: Best Team Report
Gold Award: John Gittelsohn and Prashant GopalBloomberg News
Judges’ Comment on Gold Award: “This was a complicated topic that was made very readable and interesting. Examining the severe housing default levels in New Jersey, the reporters humanized the topic with numerous interviews. It made good use of hard data to present a true slice of life.”
Silver Award: Billy Gray and Jori BoltonCommercial Observer

Judges’ Comment on Silver Award: “This was an incredibly creative and successful attempt to explain all of the haggling over the government’s lease of the new 1 World Trade Center in New York City. It used cartoon panels in a striking way to explain a complex story.”

Bronze Award: Matthew Goldstein and Jennifer AblanReuters
Judges’ Comment on Bronze Award: “This story, about the proposal by an investment firm to use eminent domain to restructure distressed mortgages, was a fine example of a comprehensive breaking news story about a current problem. The topic was very creative, and the reporters were the first to write about it. It is clearly written and concise so that even a layman can understand it.”
Honorable Mention: Adam PincusKatherine ClarkeGuelda Voien and CJ HughesReal Deal magazine
Judges’ Comment on Honorable Mention: “Writing about the impact of Hurricane Sandy on New York City real estate, the reporters took a creative and innovative look at something that was not well covered. It was exhaustively researched and comprehensively written.”
Category 20: Best Newspaper Real Estate or Home Section
Gold Award: Emily GitterWall Street Journal

Judges’ Comment on Gold award: “This section is a sophisticated mix of story topics, packaged in a pleasing manner. It is quality, not fluff. It would appeal to a broad audience, not just those interested in real estate.”

Silver Award: Stacy DownsKansas City Star
Judges’ Comment on Silver Award: “This section deals not only with real estate but décor, which broadens the probable audience. It also has a sharp design.”
Bronze Award: Mary BreckenridgeAkron Beacon Journal
Judges’ Comment on Bronze Award: “This section shows a lot of originality and enterprise in a smaller-market newspaper. The selection of story ideas is varied and creative.”
Honorable Mention: Emily FancherJ.K. DineenBlanca TorresChris Rauber and Eric YoungSan Francisco Business Times
Judges’ Comment on Honorable Mention: “This work offers the complete package: data, interpretation, and graphics. The story topics show real enterprise.”
Category 21: Best Design, Home or Shelter Magazine
Gold Award: Veronica ChaoSusann AlthoffGreg KleeJosue EvillaMarni Elyse KatzJaci ConryChristie MathesonCarol Stocker and JoeAnn HartBoston Globe Magazine
Judges’ Comment on Gold Award: “This represents a real investment in reporting, editing, and design talent by the newspaper. There is a solid mix of topics for a broad variety of readers.”
Silver Award: Gail RavgialaJenna Talbott and Courtney KasianowiczDesign New England
Judges’ Comment on Silver Award: “It is a pictorial feast for those interested in the region’s homes and gardens. It has a particularly striking array of photographs and other graphic elements.”
Bronze Award: Lindsay LambertMelissa GillespieKiley Jacques and Lauren CarelliOcean Home Magazine
Judges’ Comment on Bronze Award: “There is diverse mix of well-written stories, which are complimented by striking photographs. The topics are geographically broad.”
Category 22: Best Residential Trade Magazine
Gold Award: Denise DersinGillian BerensonTeresa BurneyJohn CaufieldBrian WilsonAmy AlbertNigel MaynardDeborah Leopold and Rich BinsaccaBuilder Magazine

Judges’ Comment on Gold Award: “This is a beautifully designed magazine with a lot of content. The page tabs, which had to be expensive to use, are a nice touch and very helpful for readers who are navigating the content.”

Silver Award: Matt PowerCati O’KeefePhil Cottrell and Mary KestnerGreen Builder Magazine
Judges’ Comment on Silver Award: “The magazine uses a contemporary, creative design to lure readers into the stories. The topics of the stories are as modern as tomorrow.”
Category 23: Best Commercial Trade Magazine
Gold Award: Stuart ElliottJill Noonan and Candace TaylorThe Real Deal Magazine
Judges’ Comment on Gold Award: “This magazine is very practical with striking graphics and a tremendous amount of information. The design is strong and engages the reader.”
Silver Award: Sule CarranzaJohn SalustriPaul BubnyJennifer LeClaireAntoinette MartinErika Morphy,Amy Wolff SorterNatalie Dolce and Carrie RossenfeldReal Estate Forum
Judges’ Comment on Silver Award: “It provides an encyclopedic view in a verbally economic and visually lush fashion. It has a good split between editorial and advertising matter.”
Bronze Award: Matt ValleyJohn NelsonJane Adler and Robin ShermanFrance Media Inc.

Judges’ Comment on Bronze Award: “This magazine provides practical information and tips about issues of interest to seniors. Its design is appealing and makes the reader want to continue looking at the magazine.”

Honorable Mention: David BodamerSusan Piperato, and Elaine MisonzhnikNational Real Estate Investor
Judges’ Comment on Honorable Mention: “There is a good selection of stories on a diverse number of topics. The writing is compelling, and the articles are packaged in a neat, crisp fashion.”
Category 24: Best Newsletter
Gold Award: Andrea WaitrovichInstitutional Real Estate Letter
Judges’ Comment on Gold Award: “This is a nicely designed, highly readable compilation of the week’s key stories in a variety of areas. The information is presented in a graphically pleasing format.”
Silver Award: Jennifer MolloyInstitutional Real Estate Letter – Asia Pacific

Judges’ Comment on Silver Award: “This newsletter, which is directed to Asia Pacific, contains a good selection of timely stories on a variety of topics. The audience is well served by the mix and depth of the information.”

Bronze Award: Mike ConsolInstitutional Real Estate Letter – North America
Judges’ Comment on Bronze Award: “There is a timely, topical, and broad scope to the work, which is directed at North America. It is particularly concise and crisply written.”
Category 25: Best Web Site Solely Devoted to Residential, Commercial or Financial Real Estate and/or Home Design
Gold Award: Stuart ElliottThe Real Deal Magazine
Judges’ Comment on Gold Award: “This web site is easy to navigate, graphically pleasing to the eye, and contains useful and interesting material. It obviously has strong audience appeal.”
Silver Award: Suzann SilvermanCommercial Property Executive
Judges’ Comment on Silver Award: “This comprehensive web site tells you more than you ever thought you knew about commercial real estate. It does so in a crisp and engaging format.”
Bronze Award: Sandy Terranova and Michelle TizianiInstitutional Real Estate Letter

Judges’ Comment on Bronze Award: “It delivers what it promises.  It is easy to navigate, which makes it audience friendly.”

Honorable Mention: Matt CarterGlenn Roberts Jr.Andrea BrambilaPaul HageyPaul HornEddison Limand Lyndon LloydInman News
Judges’ Comment on Honorable Mention: “This web site has a good selection of stories. Like other web sites in this category, it offered a large amount of valuable information.”
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