A Real Estate Agent’s Moving Guide: 4 Tips to Help Your Clients

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If you want to be as helpful as possible as a real estate agent, you don’t only strive to ease the process of finding a new home for your clients but try to make the moving stress-free and efficient. How to do that? We got you covered with this guide that contains various tips that will really help your clients with everything relocation-wise.

You will be able to give your clients helpful moving tips and also resources in order to provide the best moving experience for them. This guide has a lot of advice for before, during, and after the move. Going the extra mile for your clients this way will only make you a better and more supportive real estate agent.

  1. Start with a moving checklist

It doesn’t matter if your client is about to sell his home or buy a new one, if you offer them a moving checklist, you can be sure that you’ll make the whole process a lot easier for them. This will help them stay organized, know their goals, and tackle any moving-related issues with ease.

The great thing about a moving checklist is that it’s really comprehensive, as it focuses on the periods before and after the move. If you want to make the list even more thorough, schedule a short brainstorming session with your clients. This way, you will know all their needs and you can come up with even more constructive ideas. 

  1. Help them find the perfect moving company

One of the most important parts of moving is finding the most reliable moving company. As a real estate agent, you have a lot of options and it’s your job to take this burden off the shoulders of your clients. And remember, if you find a professional moving company, they will make your job easier as well, as they often offer services that cover the whole moving process in its entirety, meaning planning, preparation, packing, tagging, and of course, the main move.

Many real estate agents go with the Empire Movers, a professional moving company that has been in the business for more than a decade, offering all the important services your clients need at a fair price. As licensed and insured movers, they will give your clients exactly what they require. 

  1. Don’t forget about transferring services

Without a doubt, one of the most stressful and time-consuming parts of a relocation is updating the transferring services to the new house or apartment, changing legal information, and also switching to new service providers. The best thing to do is to lead the charge and offer your clients the whole package, taking care of everything.

The tricky thing about this step is that almost everything happens during different stages of the moving process. But, if you come prepared, you will tackle this issue without any problems. The things you can’t forget about are: transferring utilities, updating voter registration, driver’s license, and vehicle registration, and also doing a bit of research on the homeowners insurance policy

  1. Be there during the move

Your clients will really appreciate you being there when the moving day comes. Your job is to give support, talk to the moving professionals, make sure everything is alright with the new house, and also take care of the minor issues that can arise during the relocation.

Your presence will cement you as a helpful and supportive real estate agent who is more than happy to go the extra mile for the client. That’s one of the best ways to build your reputation and show others that you’re a true professional.

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