AerialSphere Launches Next-Gen Mapping Technology to Change how Consumers Experience Real Estate

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XP360 Enables Real Estate Brokerages and Agents to Enhance Their Property Searches and Improve Engagement

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PHOENIX, Ariz. – RealEstateRama – August 11, 2020, AerialSphere, the industry leader in delivering immersive aerial experiences, today announced the launch of XP360 web application and API, which creates an online home search experience that is transforming the residential real estate market – enabling agents to better attract and engage clients with the latest in mapping technology.


XP360 features a simple, user-friendly interface that empowers brokers and agents to add a new level of interactivity in home searches that goes way beyond traditional aerial views of homes. XP360 gives prospective home buyers the ability to see homes, neighborhoods, schools and other points of interest in a new and engaging way from perspectives never seen before.

According to AerialSphere Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer DJ Vegh, “AerialSphere powered maps, unlike Google Maps, provide an immersive experience that allows consumers to see maps with dimension, giving them a better perspective of the world we live in, which in turn, helps them make more informed purchase decisions.”


AerialSphere 360-degree immersive and interactive maps have quickly become a crucial sales tool for over 200 agents in the Phoenix metro area. Agents have leveraged this technology throughout their interactions with clients and potential clients with much success, generating close to a half-million map views in the last year.

“Real estate companies, mapmakers, travel and tourism firms can all use XP360 to enhance their applications,” said WAV Group Founding Partner Marilyn Wilson. “This is something new,” she said, admitting she got “a chill” when she first saw it. “It was like when I saw the first iPhone, I knew it was going to change everything,” she added.

Vegh also added AerialSphere’s mapping technology appeals not just to residential real estate. “It has significant applications for commercial real estate, travel, Insurance, universities, and local government agencies, all who can leverage the amazing benefits of interactive mapping and Immersive Reality from AerialSphere,” he says.

AerialSphere has seen significant growth over the last year. Leasing real estate firms including CBRE, Cushman & Wakefield and Colliers International have chosen AerialSphere to provide immersive mapping experiences to attract and engage their clients.


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AerialSphere is re-inventing the way people interact with maps through its unprecedented 360-degree immersive experience to help companies engage, drive revenue, inform and entertain. AerialSphere’s patented platform and open API integrates with virtually any application environment and device to deliver experiences that are more exciting, engaging and effective than traditional digital mapping solutions. AerialSphere is used by organizations in Real Estate, Retail, Travel, Insurance, Government, Entertainment/Events, Education and Technology. Share more than maps. Share experiences. Discover more about AerialSphere at:

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