Are You Ready for Canada to be Your New Home?

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Making Canada your new home is an exciting prospect. Known for the stunning scenery, outstanding wildlife viewing opportunities, clean cities, friendly people, and plenty of outdoor activities, Canada is the jewel in the North American continent. Moving to Canada is a big draw for people and families looking to experience a multicultural lifestyle, dependable healthcare options, and receive a good education. Both winter and summer outdoor activities abound across Canada, including hiking and skiing in the Rocky Mountains, fishing and boating at ocean beaches, hunting, fishing, and countless winter sports.

Your New Home


Calgary, in particular, is of special interest to many new Canadians as it is known for its cleanliness, moderate climate with lots of sunshine, and low crime rates. Located in the southern region of Alberta province, Calgary experiences mostly moderate weather, with about 12 inches of rain in summer and almost 50 inches of snowfall in winter. Founded in the 1870s, Calgary still maintains many ‘wild west’ aspects of the former frontier days, with rodeos, livestock festivals, and ranches on the outskirts of town. The Calgary Stampede is a world-renowned rodeo that has been celebrated for more than 100 years and features a monstrous pancake breakfast each year.

Calgary has a host of unique features within the city, including:

  • An 11-mile indoor walking path via the Plus 15 network, a series of pedestrian skyways connecting many of the downtown building with one another
  • Calgary consistently ranks as the cleanest city in the world
  • A fully wind-powered public transportation system
  • Low tax rates, making it a hub of industry and manufacturing


The Mahogany area of Calgary, located in the southeast region of the city, was established formally around 2007. Mahogany was a planned neighborhood and had been designed around several historical and outdoor features. Because of the planned nature of the neighborhood, homes for sale in Mahogany Canada are easy to come by at a variety of price ranges.

Making a move, whether to another city or province, is a huge leap of faith, but moving to another country can bring with it a unique set of challenges. Being as prepared as possible is key to success. Keeping your important documents for all family members together is important, including pets. If part of your move includes selling or purchasing a home, getting organized is essential to avoid compounding the stress of a big move.

Overall, there are many things to keep in mind when making any move, much less a move to another country. Moving to Canada is an exciting potential for any family full of adventure, culture, and friendly faces. Calgary is a unique city in Canada and offers new Canadian residents a proper welcome to everything the country has to offer. The unique neighborhoods each offer their own personality and livability features. Making a welcoming city like Calgary, your first stop in Canada is a great way to set up your residence for success.

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