Careers You Can Start Online


Long gone are the days of limited work opportunities, especially with the advent of the internet and social media. Starting a career online is not always possible overnight, but provides the freedom and flexibility so many individuals crave today. Before choosing a career that is right for you, compare some of the most popular positions that are attainable with a bit of research, commitment, and the ability to remain self-motivated.

Real Estate Agent

Working as a real estate agent is a way to break into the real estate market while expanding your opportunities to generate a satisfying income. Real estate agents often work with flexible schedules and as their own bosses, making the career path extremely desirable for those who wish to work on their own. Taking a real estate salesperson license course is possible right from the comfort of your own home online. Research real estate licensing courses in your state to learn more about viable testing centers and online services to begin working towards an authentic real estate license.

Teaching English

If you currently hold a bachelor’s degree and you enjoy teaching children, consider teaching English as a second language. ESL teachers online have the ability to earn anywhere from $15 to more than $25 an hour depending on your skill level and the number of classes you want to teach each day.

Freelance Content Creator

Do you love to write or research on the web? Working as a freelance content creator is a great way to show off your skills while earning a living. Freelance content creators are needed for small businesses and large online magazines, allowing you to choose your favorite niche to work in. When getting started as a freelance content creator, join online communities, content mills, and well-known services to begin building your portfolio. Content creators online average anywhere from $15 to more than $100 an hour depending on skill level and the types of clients you are interested in taking on.

Graphic Designer or Illustrator

If you have a knack for drawing and designing on your computer, consider an online career as a graphic designer or illustrator. Create your own portfolio using an official blog or website and join popular freelance communities to begin building a professional reputation for yourself. Spend time designing book covers, websites, and even characters for comics when working directly with clients. Graphic designers and illustrators can earn anywhere from $25 to more than $300 an hour with the right skill set and frame of mind when obtaining new clientele.

ECommerce Store Owner

Launching your very own eCommerce store is a great way to sell homemade goods, refurbished furniture, or rare and vintage items you have discovered. While it is possible to work as a store owner using well-known services such as eBay, Etsy, and Shopify, it is also possible to create your own eCommerce store with the combination of WordPress and WooCommerce. Having your very own eCommerce store is a gateway to financial freedom through sales and creativity.

While there are plenty of opportunities to work from home and start a new career, it is important to remember that self-motivation is one of the most important characteristics necessary for success. Remote work is not going anywhere anytime soon, providing you with an array of options to get started anytime.

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