Congressman Garamendi Votes to Keep Government Services Operating, 151 in House Vote to Shut Down Government


WASHINGTON, DC – Today Congressman John Garamendi (D-Fairfield, CA) voted for a short term Continuing Resolution that keeps the government open for two more months at existing funding levels. He was joined by 276 other Members of Congress. Unfortunately, 151 Members of Congress voted to shut down the government again.

Garamendi issued the following statement:

“The most important nation in the world – the nation we call home – needs a government that is operating. To allow the government to shut down is reckless and unacceptable.

“The last time a majority in Congress allowed the government to shut down in 2013, it slowed job growth by 120,000 private-sector jobs and cost our economy up to $24 billion. I will do all I can to make sure we keep the essential functions of government operating. Americans of all creeds depend on our military, police, firefighters, infrastructure, and federally-funded services.

“Many of our neighbors, including veterans and children, live with very limited means. For them, service disruptions can have tragic ripple effects. Public policy isn’t a game. The actions we take as representatives in Congress have real life consequences for people in every community in America.

“Members of both parties need to come together in the coming weeks and months to pass a budget that will keep the American economic engine running. I thank the other Members of Congress who joined me today in voting to avert a crisis. I hope their willingness to put our country’s wellbeing first serves as an inspiration to others. I came to Washington to solve problems, not to create them, and I’d like to think that’s true of most of my colleagues.”

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