Cyber Monday Best Deal Is Learning How-to Contest Foreclosure


Atlanta, GA – November 28, 2011 – (RealEstateRama) — today announced cyber Monday best deal how-to contest foreclosure. The website has turned into an online movement that educates homeowners about secrets mortgage lenders don’t want them to know to challenge foreclosure and win.

Kyle Ransom a former mortgage broker and founder of the Go Fight Foreclosure System says that knowledge is power in the war against foreclosures. Ransom relates that the majority of foreclosures typically contain some type of improper mortgage securitization which takes away enforceable security interest to foreclose. However, he stresses most homeowners don’t know how to detect securitization flaws.
Inside the Go Fight Foreclosure System homeowners learn skills to identify securitization flaws to challenge their foreclosures.

“If the homeowner discoveries that their mortgage note and security instrument were separated the bank has a challenge to prove enforceable security interest to foreclose,” stated Kyle Ransom.

Ransom reveals that many homeowners who purchase the Go Fight Foreclosure System have been able to stop their foreclosures by learning how-to prepare a simple Back Off Letter. He explains when the homeowner is able to detail what specific improper documentation issues exist concerning their loan no default is owed to the foreclosing mortgage lender claiming enforceable interest to foreclose.

Ransom says that after names were released of Robo Signers many banks rushed to record new mortgage assignment transfers in order to foreclose on homeowners. This discovery Ransom expresses is still improper because the security instrument and promissory note are inseparable. Exposing that this fraud continues today.

To learn more about how-to challenge foreclosure and win please visit .

About Kyle Ransom
Kyle Ransom is the founder of Go Fight Foreclosure System . He termed the foreclosure defense “Improper Mortgage Securitization” used by homeowners to challenge their mortgage lender’s enforceable security interest to foreclose.

Ransom is a former licensed mortgage broker with over 15 years experience in banking and finance and real estate investing. He is the CEO of Ultisky, Inc and oversees several online business models.

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