Easy Tips for an Amazing Lawn

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The lawn is probably one of the first features that visitors will set their eyes on when they walk into your home. A well-maintained lawn sets a perfect mood for fun and laughter by creating a relaxing environment. However, you will not have a beautiful lawn by doing the bare minimum. Lawn establishment and maintenance require deep sacrifice and dedication on your part. By doing things right from the onset, you will be increasing your chances of having an exceptional lawn. Pieces of equipment like an automatic sprinkler will come in handy in ensuring your lawn is never starved of water.

Factors to consider when choosing turf for your lawn

The type of grass that you settle on will largely determine how your lawn establishment project turns out. It is important to understand that the ultimate choice of your turf should be premised on existing factors and prevailing circumstances. Here are key considerations to help guide your choice of a turf;

  • Maintenance requirements-Nothing will be more frustrating than choosing a grass variety that attracts high maintenance costs. Not all varieties are expensive to maintain, and it is advisable to work with one that falls within your budget allocations.
  • Local climate conditions: You might be impressed by the physical appearance of a particular grass variety, but before you settle on using it for your lawn, make efforts to inquire whether it can thrive under your local climatic conditions.
  • Watering element-Watering is normally a tedious activity; if not done properly, the grass you have spent your money and time raising can easily be lost. It is advisable to go for a grass variety that retains moisture for longer periods, reducing the need for water regularly.

Tips on maintaining your lawn

As mentioned in the opening paragraph, all it takes to have a beautiful lawn is commitment and hard work. The joy that comes with owning a beautiful lawn is so great; you should therefore make it your priority to do these simple maintenance tips:


Water is an essential requirement for a healthy plant. Before watering your lawn, make sure to check the soil moisture. You can use a trowel to access the top two to three inches of the soil. If it feels dry, then you can go ahead with watering. The best time for this activity is 4 pm to 9 am to ensure no moisture loss due to the sun.

Regular weeding

Weeds can cause irreparable damage to your treasured grass. The best time to deal with weeds is early in their life cycle. Using organic weed killers, you can easily do away with grassy weeds that pose a grave threat should they get to the reproduction stage. Another way to deal with weeds is by physically pulling them out of the soil. The ideal time for this activity is immediately after the rain falls or after watering, since their roots can easily pull weeds.

Apply organic lawn fertilizer

Synthetic fertilizers can negatively interfere with soil life and even ruin the soil structure, hence affecting your grass. Using organic lawn fertilizers can save you from dealing with this tragic occurrence; by releasing nutrients gradually and steadily, organic fertilizers allow the grass to absorb nutrients more effectively.

Aerate your lawn

For your grass to stay healthy and attractive for an extended period, you need to make sure that the soil is loose enough to allow for an easy flow of air. To test whether your soil is aerated, drive a screwdriver 5-6 inches into the soil and if you experience difficulty in doing this, then know that it’s time to loosen your soil a bit.

With the right approach and skills, the journey to establishing and maintaining your lawn should never be a difficult process. It is also important to restrict entry to the lawn area by setting up barriers along with the lawn. You can seek professional advice from a landscaper to make your quest easier and more profitable.


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