Eight Areas To Consider When Putting A Home Up For Sale

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People are always watching shows that show others flipping houses, but they do not always cover the priorities of what is needed to make the house sell. There are some key areas that may not be pretty, but will be checked and rechecked by everyone looking to buy. Here are some ideas on how to handle making sure that these areas are ready when the first person comes through the door. Some of these areas will cost quite a bit to fix if they had not been taken care of with normal preventative maintenance, so keep this in mind.

Electrical Matters

Here is another area that people do not pay attention to unless problems pop up during living in a home. Older homes have different wiring than modern codes, so they need to be checked for issues more closely than a newer building. Check to see if there have been any state or local regulations that have been changed that there is no grandfather clause allowed since buying the home. Make sure that every outlet and light works with no concern. This is an area that preventative maintenance is a must, but most people ignore for many unknown reasons.


Unless there is a full basement, there are no reasons to go under a house. A crawlspace is where a person can see if there is invisible damage taking place, such as termites or water damage. Usually a person just needs to take some light and crawl around, but if anything causes questions, then an expert will be needed. Check the ducts and the pipes while doing this, as they can show issues that could be hidden in other places that can be a concern. This can be a dirty job, but far more telling of the home’s condition.

Plumbing Leaks

Much older homes have pipes in them that can erode and people will not see the problem till they burst. There are times that people living somewhere consider little problems as quirks and ignore them. This is needing to be a concern, especially if they point toward leaks or clogs from buildup. Consider this if the pipes are metal and are older. Find where pipes are normally exposed and inspect them. Toilets need to be examined and changed if older. Wasting water can be expensive, and no new homeowner wants that bill when they have other choices.

Roofing Concerns

The roof is rarely thought about when people are living in a home, unless a leak or other problem happens. That is why a person needs to make sure someone with knowledge looks over the roof to make sure that there is nothing wrong that can cause concerns. This can be solved with roofing companies in Cincinnati Ohio, if a person is not wanting to risk climbing a ladder to see how everything is. This may also be a time to decide to switch to a different covering than shingles, as this can improve the value of the home.

Yard Considerations

While most people can do basic lawn maintenance, there are things that can cause people to not want to even go inside when they see them. Some trees have a habit of growing a root system that can damage basement walls. Plants that look pretty can attract pests that no one wants near them and could come inside. Areas that flood need to be considered and made to not allow standing water to cause problems. If the home has a large area that is available, do a walk and see if there is anything that could easily be fixed.

Professional Inspections

Many of the issues already talked about here need experts to look them over and this is an area where a person needs to be cautious. Look for inspectors that can be trusted, which usually means not people who are associated with contracting companies. Check their reputations and allow them to see what they can find. Inspections may not find everything, but can keep hidden problems from showing up when they are least inspected. This can also prevent fires or flooding in a home when a person thinks all is good to go during the night.

Looks Matter

Are there rooms that have not been finished and were considered pet projects? They need to be finished in the most basic sense. Rooms that need a coat of paint or new wall covering need to be done. Most people that are buying a home will not want to buy a place that is a fixer upper. This may make good television, but most want a home they can move into and not have any concerns. Look around the home and make sure that all these concerns and side projects are handled, or people will walk away quickly.

Flooring Inspection

One last area that people ignore is what is covering the floors they walk. Old carpet can lead to a build up of allergens that may not have been a problem for many, but can be for young children. Some floors looked cool decades ago, but now just are an eyesore. Consider all of this when doing any walk around when considering selling. Most new floor choices are not that expensive and will be one of the first things seen by people looking to buy. Old stains need to be gone before even the realtor comes through the door.

There are many things that people need to look for when they are considering selling the home they have been in for years. What may have become a quirk of the home could cause potential buyers to shake their head now when they are looking. Think of these issues as needing to be done before any other projects are considered. A person may have loved a home, but this does not mean others will not consider the place as needing more money put into it. Always keep this in mind before allowing anyone to come in with money to spend.


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