Everything You Need to Know About Moving to California

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If you’re moving to California in the near future, you probably have some questions. California is very different from other states, and it’s best that you know as much as possible before you move there. Doing so will help you to make a better decision – one that you’re happy with for years to come. To that end, here are the things you’ll want to know before you move to a new home. Use this information to either make your transition easier, or to decide whether a move to California is right for you at all.

California is a Diverse Area

For starters, you should know that no two sections of California are alike. Being such a big state, there are a lot of different types of areas all within California. Here you’ll find picturesque beach areas, crowded inner cities, and quiet suburbs. Before you move to California you should research the specific area you’re looking at to see what it’s like. Trying to figure out what California is like as a whole is fairly hard to do since it is such a diverse area, so instead focus more locally.

Home Costs Vary Throughout the State

Going alongside being a diverse state is that the costs of homes are very different depending on where you look. For instance, here in California you’ll find everything from multi-billion dollar homes to small apartments to affordable suburban homes. You won’t want to go by the average cost of a home in California, as there is such a wide range it won’t tell you much. Again, you’ll want to focus on specific areas and see what the average home cost is there instead.

We Have Great Weather

One thing California is known for is its weather. All year round we have pretty great weather, with mild Winters and rainless Summers. This makes it perfect for people who love to spend their time outdoors – going on hikes, spending the day at the beach, or riding your bike around town. If you’re someone who enjoys watching snowfall in the Winter, you likely won’t find it here in California. Or, if you like sitting inside during a thunderstorm, you won’t have many opportunities here. The weather is great here, but it isn’t for everyone.

Plenty of Things to Do in California

Another great thing about California is that there is plenty of things to do. Almost no matter where you live you’re not far from a beach, a hiking trail, or a major city. There are always events happening up and down California, so you should never have trouble finding something to do. To learn more about the events taking place in California you can check out this link.

You’ll Probably Need a Car

With so many things to see and do in California, you’re going to need a way to get around. The best – and sometimes only – way to do this in California is with a car. Our cities are spaced far apart, and the public transportation system here isn’t great. The public transit system in San Francisco is pretty good, but if you live anywhere else, you’re likely going to need a car. If you don’t currently have a vehicle, you’ll want to factor this into your costs of moving – along with the costs of using your car, such as gas and repairs.

It Won’t Solve all of Your Problems

Finally, the last thing you need to know about California is that it won’t solve all of your problems. Too often people view California as this perfect place to live where no one has any troubles. This is far from the case. California is just like anywhere else, and you’ll have the same type of problems you do now. You’ll still need a plumber when your pipes break, still have to worry about your kids getting good grades, and still have to deal with annoying people at work. On top of that, California isn’t safe from the occasional natural disaster, such as wildfires, earthquakes and mudslides. California is a great place to live, but it isn’t perfect.

Hopefully these few tips were able to shed some light on what’s it’s like to move to California. It’s a big transition, and the more you know beforehand, the better. So, take some time to really dig into where you want to live and make sure it seems like the right place for you before you make any major decisions. This will help to ensure that you don’t end up regretting the decision and that you are able to comfortably adjust to your new life in California.

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