Help stop housing discrimination: Tell Delegates to vote for the HOME Act


WASHINGTON, DC – (RealEstateRama) — Imagine that you’ve just found an affordable apartment in a great neighborhood. Good schools, a park, and grocery store nearby…it’s everything you’re looking for. But when you go to apply, the property manager tells you that they don’t accept people who use housing vouchers. You’re hurt, but not surprised. You’ve been searching for months because every time you find a place you like, the landlord turns you down because of your housing voucher.

You can help stop this practice by asking the members of the Environment and Transportation Committee of the Maryland House of Delegates to vote in favor of the HOME Act (HB 759).

The HOME Act will prohibit landlords and other property owners from discriminating against people seeking housing based solely on their source of income.

Source of income discrimination occurs when landlords refuse to rent to someone based on their source of income, be it a housing voucher, child support, social security, SSI, or veterans’ vouchers. Such discrimination disproportionately affects senior citizens, people with disabilities, veterans, single mothers, and lower wage workers, limiting the areas where they can live and perpetuating segregation.

How will the HOME Act help? It will:

  • Help create more mixed-income communities and greater affordable housing;
  • Ensure fairness for seniors, working families, veterans, and the disabled seeking housing;
  • De-concentrate poverty by opening up housing opportunities in other neighborhoods; and
  • Ensure better housing and economic opportunities for tens of thousands of Marylanders.

Please ask the members of the House Environment and Transportation Committee to vote in favor of the HOME Act (HB 759). Thank you!

HOME Act fact sheet

House of Delegates Environment and Transportation Committee

Kumar P. Barve, ext. 3990, ">
Dana Stein, 3527, ">
Carl Anderton, Jr., ext. 3431, ">
Pamela Beidle, ext. 3370, ">
Alfred C. Carr, Jr., ext. 3638, ">
Andrew Cassilly, ext. 3444, ">
Robert L. Flanagan, ext. 3077, ">
William Folden, ext. 3240, ">
David Fraser-Hidalgo, ext. 3186,">
Barbara Frush, ext. 3114, ">
Jim Gilchrist, ext. 3744, ">
Anne Healey, ext. 3961, ">
Marvin E. Holmes, Jr., ext. 3310, ">
Jay A. Jacobs, ext. 3449, ">
Jay Jalisi, ext. 3358, ">
Tony Knotts, ext. 3212, ">
Stephen W. Lafferty, ext. 3487, ">
Clarence K. Lam, ext. 3205, ">
Cory V. McCray, ext. 3486, ">
Anthony J. O’Donnell, ext. 3314, ">
Charles J. Otto, ext. 3433, ">
Shane Robinson, ext. 3021, ">
Kathy Szeliga, ext. 3698, ">
William J. Wivell, ext. 3447, ">

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