High-Tech Home Security Must-Haves for 2024 and Beyond

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – RealEstateRama – While home security has, for the most part, gone high-tech, the basic premise for investing in it remains the same: to keep you and your family safe in an increasingly dangerous world of looters, murderers, cartel gangsters/drug dealers pouring over the open borders, and more. But high-tech home security doesn’t necessarily have to include electronics or digital enhancements. It can begin with your door and window screens.

Says the pros at Breeze Screens in San Diego, California, screen door replacement and security screen protection that comes in standard and custom sizes can meet much of your security needs. For instance, Vista Security Screen Premium is engineered with maximum strength frames that are said to be perfect for protecting the home, government institutions, and prisons.

That said, what are some other high-tech home security must-haves for 2024 and beyond? According to a new report by home expert Bob Villa, if you’re looking for an answer to the country’s alarming increase in crime over the past three years, you need to take a good look at your budget and your home’s current security situation. You should then follow up with the necessary steps required to improve and upgrade security.

Securing your home against the U.S.’s ever-expanding criminal element doesn’t necessarily need to be high-tech. It can be achieved by utilizing just a few creative home security tricks. It only makes sense that a new renter or homeowner seek out some good security tips for overall home improvement.

It’s good to know that lots of the best tricks and tips involve plain, common-sense steps that people can take without emptying their pocketbook. Others will require small financial investments and upgrades. But any security improvement will not only make you safer, it will afford you peace of mind.

Keep Your Windows and Doors Secure Whenever You Leave the Home

One of the less expensive but very effective steps a resident can take to avoid home invasion is keeping windows and doors locked when not in use. This is considered especially important for the first floor of the dwelling since an intruder always looks to gain access to a home via a first-floor door or window. This includes screen doors also.

This is why it’s so important to keep both screen doors and main doors locked. The same goes for the windows. You might also want to investigate security screens, which are far more robust than average screen doors and window screens.

Change all Locks When Moving into a New Home

It’s essential to change out the locks if you are moving into a new home. You should consider storing spare keys in a lockbox. Or you can trust a neighbor to keep your spare keys safe on your behalf. For certain, you need to make a precise accounting of where all the keys are and who is carrying them.

It’s best to have all the locks replaced with newer high-tech models that can warn you via a smartphone app if your house is being broken into. This will always give you peace of mind, especially if you’re about to embark on a long vacation.

High-Tech Motion Detectors and Infrared Lighting

Says Bob Villa, you need to always keep your home’s exterior well-lit. On top of this, you should consider investing in infrared lighting and motion detectors. Lighting might seem like a no-brainer, but it’s said to be an intruder’s mortal enemy number one. A home exterior that’s well-lit will becomes instantly inhospitable to would-be criminals who intend on breaking in either to do you harm or steal your possessions or both.

Having exterior illumination next to home entry points is the perfect approach to keeping intruders out. These include high-tech motion detectors that are engineered to add security to your domicile by drawing attention to a criminal’s every move.

Install a State-of-the-Art Home Security System

The installation of a home security system with cameras and alarms will not only deter criminals but also record their every move. Making these upgrades to your home will improve its security, no matter if you’re home or away for a lengthy vacation.

In the final analysis, expensive high-tech security systems, exterior spotlighting, security screens, digital doorbells, and more were utilized by the rich and famous almost exclusively. But these days, the industry has made an important shift, making it possible for renters and homeowners in just about any economic range to keep their homes as secure as possible in these dangerous times.


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