How to Have a Stellar Open House

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Newport Beach is notable for the serene beach vistas and fabulous home deals. Finding a buyer is not always as easy as you would like it to be. Whether you realize it or not, one of the most crucial points in the home selling process is the open house process.

Throwing a phenomenal open house can make the difference between closing at your asking price or having to drop it down to close the deal. We have collected a few of the best tips we could find on how to throw a great open house when you are selling your next piece of Newport Beach real estate.

Do Some Decorating Before Guests Arrive

When guests enter your house, they will be more drawn to it if they feel the presence of a home. One of the easiest ways to achieve this effect is to decorate with furniture and other Knick knacks strategically.

Even something like a tastefully framed photo can make a huge difference in a person’s perception of a place. Make your house seem like a family home, and you will have family men beating down the doors to buy the place after they catch a glimpse of it in person for the first time.

Finish Any Needed Repairs

Even though the home inspection won’t be until later on in the home selling process, do not deceive yourself into thinking buyers are not paying attention. Noticeable damages knock off a huge amount of mental value for a person looking at a home. Even things that are not huge issues can dissuade someone from pulling the trigger on the house.

Fix anything that is obviously in need of repair. That way, you do not need to worry about scaring any potential customers off that might be put off by the presence of damage on a home.

Craft a Desirable Ambiance

Buying decisions are made emotionally. Triggering a strong positive emotional response in a potential buyer is a sure sign of interest. Take an active role in shaping the open house a full sensory experience by including free snacks. Throw in some perfume for aroma, and the open house will be sure to leave a remarkable impression on anyone in attendance.

Advertise The Open House Effectively

You can spend all the time in the world, making the house perfect to receive guests, but if no one arrives when it is time, then it is all for nothing anyways. Advertising may not seem like what you should be focused on, but it is important to draw a crowd. If you are lucky, you may start even to receive competitive offers and get more than you were asking for in the first place.

Clean The Home Thoroughly

This is a rule you especially need to heed if you are still living in the home while selling it. Nothing ruins a good first impression than by having guests walk into a messy home. It may not even seem like that much of a clutter, but guests are going to expect a brand new home no matter how long you have been living there. You do not want any factor potentially disrupting a person from deciding to buy your home. Clean the place before having the open house to get the best results.

Start at one end of the house and work your way from the ceilings down. After you get to the floor, start back where you originally began. Then work your way through the home and clean all of the floors. As you clean things from above, they will be knocked loose on to the floor. Saving the floors for last keeps you from having to go back and clean up behind yourself again at the end.

Make An Inviting Entrance During the Open House

You want the people coming to take a look at your house to have a good experience from the very moment they set eyes on it. This means that the entryway to your home will be a huge focal point. Consult with some planners and see what they think are some good ideas to make your entryway pop to visiting buyers. If you can knock their socks off as they step in the door, you are well on the way to closing the deal.

Greet Your Potential Buyers In Person

There is nothing like a human touch to make things personal, and while the real estate agent will do in a pinch, nothing will replace being shown a home by its owner. You will have emotional conviction that another sales agent does not have. If it is at all possible, try to be available at your home for the open house. Greet any and all guests in person. Taking a few moments of your time will do a lot to cement your place as the one they want when a buyer visits your open house.

Get Rid of Any Animals in the Home for the Day

It may seem like a strange reality to live in a world where not everyone loves animals to death. It is the reality we live in. You may keep pets at home and not see it as an issue at all, but it does not mean the people looking to buy your home will feel the same way about things.

Make sure that any pets you have are kept off of the property for the day of the open house. It can be stressful for the pets to have a whole bunch of strangers coming and going for the day. It can also discourage people from touring the home and remains present during the tour if their is an animal antagonizing them. Keeping them somewhere else during the open house will be the best thing for them in terms of their anxiety levels and best for you in terms of finding a buyer for your home.

Let First Impressions Work In Your Favor

When you are setting up the home, try and do a few approaches yourself to see how the place looks when you first pull up. Take note of anything negative that catches your eye as you are performing this exercise. Next, approach the home and make a note of anything positive that catches your attention. Now that you have finished collecting your data, you can begin to work on increasing the quality of the first impression your home will be giving buyers as they come to see it.

Begin improving the home by working on any of the negative aspects first. Either eliminate them by removing them or covering them up with something else. Then turn your attention towards the positive things. You need to go ahead and bring them to people’s attention by working to accentuate those details of the home.

Do Not Forget About Curb Appeal

The area around your home is just as important to buyers from their first impression as the home itself. If you do not have any landscaping done for your home, you need to get that taken care of as soon as possible. The difference a nice lawn can make for the appearance of a home can truly be astounding. There is no need to do anything extravagant to impress people. It is undeniable when someone puts no time at all into maintaining the area around their home and one where they have put in a little effort.

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