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Increase Solar Sales

Solar power is growing more popular by the day as more and more people are switching over to this power source. The popularity of this energy source can be tied to all the numerous benefits it offers not just to the users but also to the environment at large.

But then, why aren’t you getting as many sales as you’d like even though solar power is becoming the go-to electricity source for several residential and commercial buildings? Well, there are many challenges that businesses in the solar industry are prone to. For starters, the market is quite competitive. Sometimes, even after leads are generated, converting them to sales isn’t possible because some other firm closes the deal before you are able to.

But with some pointers and marketing strategies, you can significantly increase sales. Some of these pointers and strategies are discussed in detail below.

1. Understand Your Local Market

Some solar firms just go straight to promoting their business through their websites and direct mailing without understanding the local market first. We could list several reasons why this isn’t the best move for your business. One of which is you most likely won’t be approaching your potential clients with what they want to hear.

This is because customers in every locality have their beliefs and thoughts about solar power. When you understand your locality, you’d not just know what the customers would like you to say to them, but you’d also know how to properly channel your marketing campaigns. You’d learn the beliefs the people in that locality have about solar power and how to address their concerns or boost the positive thoughts they have.

One way to understand the market is by conducting market surveys. Watch this video to learn how to do a market research survey. Typically, the results you get will be different across markets. For instance, in one market, prospective customers may understand and like the idea of generating electricity via solar, but they may think of it as an expensive venture. While in another market, the whole thing might appear too complex to the prospects.

To increase sales in the first market where prospects are cost-conscious, you could educate them about the approach of leasing the solar systems rather than buying them. By understanding the needs of prospective clients, you could create a marketing strategy that they will be interested in.

Following Up Leads

2. Don’t Delay When Following Up Leads

One reason leads aren’t eventually converted to sales is when those leads aren’t followed up properly and immediately. The following practices will help you successfully convert the majority of your leads to sales:

  • Call the lead within one minute of getting it.
  • Send the lead an email twenty minutes after you get it. This will make the experience more personal. However, at this point, some prospects don’t wish to talk. So, your email should be engaging in another way that doesn’t require them to talk back.
  • Make another call within thirty to sixty minutes and drop a voicemail; this will increase your conversion chances by 31 percent.
  • Make the 3rdcall within one to two hours. Most leads (about 53 percent) do not receive any call after the initial one. So, by calling your leads the 3rd time, you’d increase your conversion chances by 67 percent.
  • Call the lead for the fourth time within five days and leave another voicemail. This will increase the conversion chances by 73 percent.
  • Be persistent with following up the lead. However, do not do this in an annoying way. Frequent calls and emails may annoy the prospective client, reduce your brand’s value, and waste your resources and time.

3. Make Your Business Stand Out From the Rest

There are so many solar firms out there and potential customers are constantly tasked with the herculean task of figuring out which firm out of the clutter will suit their peculiar needs. You can use the competitive market to your advantage by making your brand unique and attractive to those that would find the peculiarity of your brand attractive.

First, focus on how to make your selling proposition unique. Figure out the special feature(s) that you can use to offer both long-term benefits and financial value to your customers. For instance, if you’re promoting a solar brand with better durability, more output, and higher capacity you can educate your prospects about how all of these make the brand better than others they will find out there.

Furthermore, a lot of consumers love to patronize companies they feel share the same beliefs with them. You can shape your business’ mission to appeal to the beliefs of those in your local market.

Invest in a Solar Software

4. Invest in a Solar Software

There are several solar software programs out there that can substantially help you increase sales. For instance, some programs can help you with your proposals.

Most times, potential clients request proposals from several companies at the same time. Sometimes, in the time it will take you to draft up your proposal and get it back to your prospect, another company may have given them a proposal and closed the deal. Luckily, creating your proposals with the help of a reliable program can significantly reduce the waiting time of your leads.

You simply need to consider the solar software programs available to you and then figure out which one would properly fit your business model and needs.

5. Use Trust Signals and Customer Testimonials

In the current social media crazy world customer feedback is considered before almost any big purchase.

Fortunately, your previous customers that were satisfied with the services you offered them can give you feedback that can be used as trust signals and social proof for prospective clients. You can post the testimonials and feedback on your homepage, pricing page, and landing pages.

Finally, if your company has a professional accreditation such as Better Business Bureau, you can make this one of the information on your website. This will be a very reliable trust signal that will give your prospects additional assurance.


Increasing sales for your solar business can be achieved when the right tips and strategies are followed regardless of how competitive the market is. We’ve discussed five important tips to help you achieve increased sales. However, for the tips to work, you also need to carry them out properly and ensure you offer great services.


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