How to Sell Your Home Without a Real Estate Agent

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Sell Your Home

If your current home seems a bit small or you are considering moving to a new area, putting it on the market is a wise move. The first thing you have to figure out when trying to sell your home is whether you will do it alone or do it with a real estate agent’s help.

Selling a home on your own allows you to keep more profit in your pocket. Modern online platforms like are designed to help people sell their homes without real estate agents’ help. Using the power of technology to find interested buyers can help you get your home sold in a short amount of time.

Below are some things you need to consider when trying to successfully sell your home without a real estate agent’s help.

Set the Right Price

Over 14,000 homes are sold each day in the United States. The first thing a potential homebuyer will consider is their budget. Finding homes that are well within their budget is something most homebuyers are adamant about. This is why setting the right price initially for your home is so important. The only way to accomplish this goal is through thorough research.

Taking a look at similar homes in your area and what they are selling for is crucial. With this information, you can set the right price. Trying to set the price too high in the beginning will alienate buyers and can make it hard to sell your home. While you need to live a bit of wiggle room in the price, avoid putting yourself in a compromised position.

Make an Online Listing

A recent study found that over 87% of American homebuyers find their dream home online. This is why you need to use the power of the Internet to advertise your home. Creating a listing that features a virtual tour of your property and plenty of pictures is a smart move. With a virtual tour, buyers can look at your home without visiting the home in-person. This is especially beneficial during the current social climate of distancing and quarantine.

There may be some potential buyers that want a firsthand look at your property. If you get a request for an actual tour, you need to oblige the buyer. However, set ground rules in advance to avoid problems. Letting the buyer know that facemasks and social distancing rules will be followed can help you give a tour safely.

Online Listing

Work on Being Responsive to Buyers

In the days and weeks after your online listing is posted, you will probably receive several messages from interested buyers. Realizing how important it is to be responsive to these buyers can help you sell your home quickly. If you avoid answering questions from buyers, they will move onto other properties.

When speaking with or emailing interested buyers, be friendly and accommodating. A high level of professionalism allows you to reel buyers in and get rid of your home for the right price. Without the help of a real estate agent, you will have to handle all of these interactions. Rather than getting overwhelmed, you need to stay organized and realize this is a temporary situation.

It’s Time to Get to Work!

Using the tips in this article can help you get through the home selling process. While selling a home on your own can be frustrating at times, it is worth the aggravation, considering the money it saves you.

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