Is It Necessary To Service Air Conditioning Every Year?

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The importance of air conditioning cannot be overemphasized, especially during hot weather conditions. It protects you from excessive heat leading to dehydration and heatstroke. Apart from its cooling and humidification effect, air conditioning also disinfects, thus creating a conducive environment. Its’ filter catches particles and pollutants. Air conditioning is a must-have, and it is used in hospital operating rooms where protection against germs or allergies is paramount. It’s advised for home usage.

Powered AC replaced passive air conditioning technique In this modern era. Passive air conditioning was started by Ancient Egyptians in the 20th century. It was accepted into architectural designs because it makes a living in hot regions habitable. The effect of modern-day air conditioning is visible in the health sector and on our environment due to high energy consumption. It also has an economic effect; it was first created to service large factories.

An air conditioner is two types main the window units and the central AC. When air conditioning is combined with heating and ventilation, it’s called HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning). HVAC will include gas furnaces, heat pumps and air conditioning units. Most contractors use AC or HVAC interchangeably because they can repair both.

To get the best out of air conditioning, ongoing maintenance must be practiced. The filter, coils, and fans need regular care. Pool maintenance can lead to microorganism growth.  Effective maintenance will determine the efficiency of air conditioning. Our team of professionals offers air conditioning repair Sugar Land TX for your needs.

How Often Should Ac Be Serviced?

Living in places with high humidity can make living unbearable all the time, but air conditioning services ease all those. Such appliances are one of those important appliances in your homes and offices. As your car makes movement easy, the same care you give to your car regularly is what you should give your air conditioning service system.

Even if your air conditioning service system is the best and most expensive out there, a lack of maintenance will affect its efficiency. If your air conditioner works in discomfort, it might soon get damaged.

Whether once in a year or twice a year, that doesn’t mean you neglect regular cleaning that you should do. But when it comes to professional servicing, which requires expert technical knowledge, a minimum of twice a year is advisable. It’s okay to professionally maintain your air conditioning once in the fall and the spring.

Maintenance ensures all parts are functioning well and in good shape. In the winter months, air conditioning service contractors concentrate on heaters. They tune your air conditioner to prepare for the winter cold. But in summer, when the weather is warm, they get it ready for heat and humidity.

What Happens If You Don’t Service Your Air Conditioner?

Air conditioner makes your life pleasurable, but using it often and neglecting its care would one day disappoint you when you need its service most.

The question “how often you should take care of your air conditioner” has been answered, but if you still don’t know the effects of neglecting its maintenance, your question hasn’t been answered fully.

Here are the effects of not servicing your air conditioner;

  • Audible Noise

When an air conditioner is in a good state, it shouldn’t be noisy, and it should work quietly. Although you might hear a small mumbling when switched on, it should not be obvious as background noise.

It’s odd and distracting to hear such background noise, but the air conditioning service ended this issue. A professional would charge you for the repair, although care and maintenance can save you from such cost.

Breakdown parts

Mechanical equipment is meant to break down if it’s not given proper attention. The various components make AC or HVAC function, and just like your car, if those components are not maintained, they will break down.

  • Costly Repairs.

Procrastinating maintenance may conserve money in the short term and may make you eventually repair at a high cost. You might need to discard a unit that’s faulty completely.

Homeowners who care for their AC know that prevention is better than cure and cost-effective.


According to HomeAdvisor, AC repair costs between $166 and $600 for most homeowners, where the cost per hour is between $35 to $200.

  • Losing Its Cooling Ability

A poorly maintained air conditioning will soon lose its cooling ability, and it might be when you need it most. You want your AC to refresh you in hot weather. Therefore, It’s frustrating to be sweating profusely and the cold air not coming from your AC vent.

You will finally reach out to a professional to uncover where the fault comes from. Protect your AC for a lasting cooling impact in your home.

Importance Of AC Servicing And Maintenance To Homeowners.

Homeowners need to avoid all those that could happen if they fail to service and maintain their AC. Comfortability should be the homeowner’s priority, and faulty AC can deny you in hot times.

Routine upkeep would effortlessly figure wear and tear of those units, and quickly fix or repair when fixing up is not feasible.

How Much Does Annual AC Maintenance Cost?

Maintenance involves removal of debris, checking and tightening hookups, cleaning of condenser and evaporator coils, greasing of parts, cleaning of air filter, coil fins, capacitor and compressor inspections.

To gauge your AC maintenance is to keep account of the annual maintenance cost. Lack of maintenance reduces the lifespan of AC; therefore, inspection should be performed once or twice a year.

According to HomeAdvisor, to regularly maintain your AC, you will need a service cost of $75 to $200 for a simple task. Extended services that run both heat and cooling(HVAC) contracts cost $150 to $500.

Many companies give warranties and give a discount for maintaining membership. It reduces costs between calls.

How Much Does It Cost To Service An Air Conditioner?

According to HomeAdvisor, servicing an air conditioner has a national average cost of $100. $75 is the low-end cost, and $200 is the high-end cost.


The lifespan of your AC units could last between 15 to 25 years if maintained properly. The lifespan depends on your caring attitude, and it may be shortened. Reach out to the right professional that will keep your AC in good condition.


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