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Did you know that there is more to real estate than assisting clients in selling, renting, or purchasing properties? Real estate agents also have a role to play in community development. Since the main work of the real estate agents is to attract clients to the properties they are selling, it is their role to ensure that they have an attractive community for the investors.

The best and effective way of doing this is by being hands-on in community development. They can change the Community by planning and strategizing like Jerome Karam, the founder of JMK5 holdings.

Real estate agents are better positioned to contribute to society since they know local areas. The agents need to have statistics, facts, characteristics of different neighborhoods, and essential details of the local region to guide their clients accordingly.

Since they have this knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of the Community, they already know the regions that need change and how they can improve different neighborhoods. Like Jerome Karam has helped with community restoration, real estate can do the same with the local region.

Real estate agents should improve their brand and Community

A real estate business is like any other, and the best way to get clients is to improve the region. The agents need to view the Community as a brand and develop ways to improve their brand to make it an attractive place for living, working, investing, and playing. They can do this by volunteering to restore and improve the areas that need a touch-up.

Agents can transform the local region with the right strategy. For example, Jerome Karam Houston transformed an abandoned region, which attracted investors and tenants later.

Real estate agents’ work is not to sell the local area; they also need to sell the life that comes with it. So agents need to start by understanding the local area to sell, improve, and make it better. Understanding the local region also helps when clients ask questions as it will be easy for you to guide them.

It is essential to find ways to make their Community stand out and ensure that they offer the best to the clients. In addition, the agents know the local region and the best way to sell it to investors who can help improve the real estate region, just like Jerome Karam’s successful development in Houston.

Real estate agents working with investors are stimulating growth in the Community

Together with the right team of investors, the real estate can take part in residential development that helps increase the income of the local business owners. When the Community is well-designed, it will attract clients, bringing in more business locally. So, in turn, the local business grows, which leads to the increase of the economy in the local region.

Jerome Karam’s development in Houston exemplifies how local development can benefit local businesses

When the Community grows, the home value increases due to the high demands of property in the region. An increase in home value benefits the agent as they will pocket more and develop community areas such as restaurants, shopping centers, parks, and malls.

That means that the quality of life of the people who live in the region will improve significantly. Jerome Karam’s development attracted more people searching for residential homes. It also improved the local business and brought in more investors.

Developing a community is also a way to reduce crime rates. According to studies, underdeveloped regions are prone to high crime rates. But when society develops the area, it creates more job opportunities, improves the economy, and leads to a low crime rate.

For example, Jerome Karam Houston’s development made the region safer and led to the police department planning to station their offices in the region. Thus, this will help to deter crime significantly. It does not have to be a police deferment moving in your local region, but development brings better security.

The best way of creating a stable housing market and helping the economy is when real estate agents start learning that being a real estate agent isn’t just a way to make money. It’s also a role in the Community. They can do this by studying and learning the Community and improving it to get value.

This is not a one-time project, but it can bring any community to its best over an extended time with planning. However, developing a community is not a solo project, and agents need to tap in as much help as possible. Then, when the Community’s people come together, they can ensure that their region improves for the better.

Real estate agents should learn from Jerome Karam

Jerome continues to dominate the real estate space, having developed more than one million square feet of property, from gyms, city centers, educational premises, storage facilities, and much more. He hasn’t stopped yet, and Texas and Louisiana have experienced extensive transformation due to his developments. The move is also noticeable in the surrounding areas.

It takes a lot of work to build a community where people coexist. Through Karam’s development, Houston society can now live happily, bond, and do business efficiently. Thanks to Jerome’s experience, connection, and aggressiveness, society is now a better place.


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