Maintaining Your Toilet Seat

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Most toilet seats are simple and easy to maintain, but ensuring that you tighten, clean, and care for your toilet seat properly will extend the life expectancy and keep it looking new longer. Always check your user manual for specific care instructions before using outside reading materials, as some seats may require you to follow different procedures.


For the vast majority of toilet seats, tightening is done the same way. Start by locating the small gap between the caps and the bowl, which hides the bolts you will need to adjust. Insert the tip of a flathead screwdriver into the gap, and press down gently until the caps pop off, uncovering the bolt. Once the bolt is visible, secure the bottom nut and tighten the bolt until snug, but do not overtighten. After your seat is tight and no longer shifting, snap the plastic caps back on to finish the project.

If your bolts will not get tight, pull them all the way off and check the hardware used to secure the toilet seat. If any components are stripped, missing, or damaged, you should go ahead and replace them to increase usability.


Generally, mild antibacterial soap, disinfectant, or detergent are fine to use when cleaning your toilet seat and will kill most germs. Before performing a deep clean, refer to your seat’s care instructions, as bleach and other harsh cleaners can damage the surface. Thoroughly wipe the seat with a damp cloth and cleaner, drying once you are finished to remove residual moisture.

Bidet Maintenance

Because bidets are more complex than regular toilet seats, they may come equipped with some extra care instructions, which should be followed so that you do not void the warranty.

In the front of your user manual, you will find a plethora of instructions, many of them pertaining to specific situations, like winter care and nozzle removal that only has to be done in certain situations. You will also find specific instructions on how to clean the spray nozzles, strainer, and other components, so the manual will be vital to proper care, as you do not want to start pulling on random components to get them to pop out. The care procedures are still very simple, but you may need to follow along with your seat’s guide to avoid any mistakes. With systems like the BB 2000, you will have specific ways to clean components.




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