Moving During A Pandemic? All You Need To Know

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Making Wise Decisions In This Critical Time

A lot of things are up in the air right now, and people don’t know quite what to do, or how best to do it. You’ve got to be wise in such times, especially if you’ve got to move. One of the wisest things you can do will involve cutting costs where possible. Regardless of your stance on this pandemic issue, economic downturn is looming hard. A move can be costly if you’re not savvy.

There is good news: you won’t have to deal with NYC traffic like you did a few months ago; it’s a ghost town out there, making it possible for you to get where you need to faster, and so you save money. Time is truly money. When you’ve got a move to consider, that’s key. But it’s not only about saving time and money, it’s about being safe.

Being Conscious Of The Environment

Being Conscious Of The Environment We’re In Today

Listen, if you’re going to be out in public, certainly you want to be conscious of the pandemic. But something else that’s even more considerable is the associated panic. People are desperate, many of them don’t understand what’s going on, and that includes those who are maintaining local infrastructure.

If you’re moving, those who are afraid may see you going from one place to another with your things, and try to get you in trouble. They may do so with good intentions, thinking you’re doing something illegal, or that you’re needlessly putting people at risk. They may not realize you have to move owing to where you are in life.

So what happens in that scenario? Well, all the little busybodies who have been locked inside for a month and have nothing better to do than peer out at the passerby from between the slats of their apartment window may call the cops on you. How do you get ahead of that? There are a few different ways.

Getting Ahead Of Factors

Getting Ahead Of Factors You Can Anticipate

One thing you could do is get ahead of them by notifying authorities preemptively of your situation. However, remember, authorities themselves may not be thinking clearly. Many savvy, intelligent, community-minded, honest police officers are out there. There are also some not-so-scrupulous individuals.

The question becomes: how do you know who you’re talking to on the phone? You really don’t. However, you can avoid the preponderance of this hassle by simply going with a vetted moving agency such as UMoveFree. This group can help you get from one place to another cost-effectively, reliably, and swiftly—without costing you money.

So not only do you save on the move, you get professionals to do the heavy lifting, and you can avoid all the busybodies peering through the windows with emergency response personnel on speed-dial. This is a great way to maximize your resources and maintain both safety and convenience not only for your community, but for yourself.

You are Probably Not The Only One Moving

You’re Probably Not The Only One Moving

Many New Yorkers today are moving, though it’s notable not all people are leaving the city and state; some are just relocating to areas that aren’t being hit so hard. Some communities are being impacted more than others, and paradoxically, there are some sweet real estate deals right now.
Even if you’re not moving in the time of this pandemic, you may very quickly be relocating in the next couple of months or years. A fundamental “change of state” has just developed in our country.

So to recap, you need to know the society where you are, and the thinking behind those in such communities. You need to know traffic patterns—which, thankfully, are minimal presently. You need to know what you need to move, and how long it’s going to take. If you’re making the move yourself, you might want to contact authorities, but using professional movers is better.

We’re in an unprecedented time as a country, and many infrastructure agencies are playing “fast and loose”, as the saying goes. Everyone wants a good outcome, but we’re all operating from data that is conflicting. This is something that definitely needs to be taken into account during a move. Thinking critically is wise, and doing so now will save you time and money while maintaining greater safety.

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