Must-Have Home Repairs for the New Homeowner

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If you have recently decided to purchase a home for the first time to learn how to flip it on the job or to live in long-term, then you could be a little overwhelmed once the ink is dry on the paperwork and you’re moved into your new home. Perhaps the house you purchased is a fixer-upper, and you’re not sure where to begin with renovations and repairs. In this blog, you’ll find a few must-have home repairs every new homeowner should take care of right away. 


One of the first things you should do as a new homeowner is get in touch with one of the local HVAC companies in your area to have your furnace and air conditioner inspected, repaired, and replaced if needed. Your HVAC unit can be a real drain on your electric bill and your finances, so get it checked right away. You can also change out the AC unit’s filters, clean around the unit outside, and make sure that the vents are open and working correctly before the HVAC service company gets there to do their inspection.


Once you’ve taken care of calling for HVAC service, it’s time to inspect your roof for leaks, missing shingles, and more. If you know the roof is old and outdated, you should contact a roofing company to discuss your sustainable roofing options. The days when your only choice was to have shingles in one boring color put on your home are long gone. If you’re unsure what is the best choice for your home, a professional roofing service can help.

Also, if you know nothing about roofing, then it’s best to leave it to the professionals, as it can be dangerous.

Have a Plan/Create a Budget

Once you have the roof and your HVAC unit taken care of, you need to move onto the other things on your list. However, it’s essential to have a plan and to create a budget before you do. You don’t want to flit from one repair to another or from one home improvement project to another, or you’re never going to get anything completed.

Resolve all Safety Issues

While you’re concentrating on the home repair and improvement tasks above, make sure that you take care of any safety issues with the home. This includes dry-rotted stairs, subfloors, and decks and lead paint hazards, electrical issues, or foundation issues. Making sure that you take care of any safety issues in your new home right away will ensure that you and your family are safe living in the place that you now call home. Make sure that you call in the professionals to take care of any repairs that you aren’t comfortable with or qualified to make, such as electrical work.

Puppy-Proof Your Home

Every pet parent loves their fur babies. However, they’re pets, and they’re going to have accidents from time to time. If you have a new home and a new puppy, it’s important to make sure that you puppy-proof your home. From the hardwood floors to the carpeting, make sure that you prepare for that eventuality by putting down rugs on hardwood floors to keep accidents from soaking in and stop little claws from leaving marks. You may also want to consider replacing carpeting and hardwood floors with tile, which is easier to keep clean and won’t show claw marks.

These are just a few of the home repairs that every homeowner should know about and take care of as soon as possible, if you want to dive deeper into property possibilities you can find a free real estate course online. This knowledge and these basic repairs will make your house a home before you know it, and you’ll be settled in with your family in no time at all.


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