New ConsensusDocs Owner & Energy Consultant Agreement


Today, the ConsensusDocs Coalition is publishing the ConsensusDocs 842

WASHINGTON – October 13, 2015 – (RealEstateRama) — Owner and Energy Consultant Agreement. As sustainable building continues to rise, this new agreement provides a standard contractual base for owners to retain an energy consultant. Rather than use a contract form that favors the owner or consultant, this new standard agreement was created with broad industry input to create a fair contract for all parties involved.

“Energy performance contracting has become increasingly important because Owners want to control energy costs in existing and new buildings,” states Brian Perlberg, Executive Director & Senior Counsel for ConsensusDocs. “ConsensusDocs now provides an off-the-shelf contract solution energy performance services.”

ConsensusDocs are the only contracts written by a coalition of 40+ design and construction industry associations. ConsensusDocs remains committed to its project-first philosophy by providing contracts that are written in plain English, incorporate best practices, and address emerging trends.

Simply put… ConsensusDocs help you build a better way!

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Contact: Carrie Ciliberto


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