NuWire Investor Ranks Top 10 Places to Invest for 2007


    NuWire Investor recently published its 2007 list of the top 10 places to invest based on an analysis of nearly one hundred U.S. cities

    Bellevue, WA (PRWEB) December 5, 2007 –NuWire Investor, an online financial news publication, recently published its rankings of the Top 10 Places to Invest in the U.S. for 2007 based on an analysis of 98 cities across the country.

    NuWire considered many factors when ranking cities, including population and job growth, unemployment rates, home values and monthly owner costs. More weight was given to overall affordability and rent strength than to other factors. Affordability was determined based on median income and average monthly expenses, while rent strength was based on gross rental income, the prevailing vacancy rate for rental homes and average ownership expenses.

    In the last few years, real estate in Texas did not appreciate as dramatically as it did in other areas, so the bursting of the real estate bubble has not hit Texas as hard. On the whole, the Texan economy remains strong and property prices promise to appreciate as the economy expands. Cities in Texas received five of the ten spots on our list largely as a result of these factors.

    The Top 10 Places to Invest are:

    1. San Antonio, TX
    2. Garland, TX
    3. Montgomery, AL
    4. Lubbock, TX
    5. Laredo, TX
    6. Fort Wayne, IN
    7. Baton Rouge, LA
    8. Fort Worth, TX
    9. Wichita, KS
    10. Shreveport, LA

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