Real-estate syndication software, Cash Flow Portal, raises $1 million in self-financing

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Cash Flow Portal is a real-estate syndication software launched by Lyft’s software engineer and a real-estate syndicator Perry Zheng at the start of the global pandemic. Perry is a great example and inspiration for those who want to achieve great things in life. He’s been through a lot to get where he is today. But no matter the hurdles he went through, he has not lost one thing—his ability to dream.

Perry Zheng
Perry Zheng, the CEO and Founder of Cash Flow Portal

The best way to explain where this innovative product came from is to start by talking about how its founder got here.

Perry is a real-estate syndicator, entrepreneur, and a full-time software engineer at Lyft, where for over five years, he manages a team of nine engineers. Perry is based in Seattle and owns six single-family homes there. The founder of Cash Flow Portal started his real-estate syndication three years ago. Now Perry exceeded 1500 units, raised over $16M, and is a lead syndicator on two deals totaling 580 units.

Perry founded Cash Flow Portal to help other real-estate syndicators succeed and overcome common challenges like raising capital and finding deals even while having a full-time job. With a strong expertise in his domain, he is a firm believer that launching your startup or a real-estate syndication while working a 9 to 5 job is the right strategy because it shows how passionate you are about your startup. Perry works nights and weekends to enhance Cash Flow Portal and add new robust features, like investor view, bulk-upload of documents, and more.

Started a bit less than a year ago, Cash Flow Portal already helped several real-estate syndicators raise $100MM+ and received positive feedback from passive investors about their seamless experience when viewing deals.

Passive investor experience is one of the differentiating factors that make Cash Flow Portal unique compared to its white-labeled rivals like Juniper Square, Syndication Pro, IMS, etc. Cash Flow Portal is the only platform where real-estate syndicators and passive investors can connect on a single online hub.

In less than a year, Perry and his team of engineers managed to build a tool that can compete with market leaders in robust features and costs 92% less than the alternatives.

“Continuous iteration is key to building an efficient and user-friendly real-estate syndication software,” says Perry. “We turn our products loose on our community of GPs as soon as humanly possible, make changes based on what we hear, and repeat this process over and over again until we’re confident we’ve built something awesome.”

With $1 million raised in self-financing, the entrepreneur will invest more in product development, recruitment of skilled engineers, and UI-experts. Product enhancement remains the primary focus for Perry and his team as opposed to heavily investing in sales and marketing.

Here is how features of Cash Flow Portal compare to the leading software in the market:

features of Cash Flow Portal


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