Launches, Providing Realtors with Lead Generating Websites


Designed by sales professionals for sales professionals, Realteya’s websites were created with the very specific goal of generating more leads for Realtors

WASHINGTON, D.C. – October 13, 2014 – (RealEstateRama) — A lack of leads generated by their websites is a frustration most Realtors share. This week, a new real estate website provider called Realteya is launching with a solution to Realtors’ online lead generation problem.

Realteya’s websites were designed for sales professionals, by sales professionals. Founder Ryan Band is a former Realtor, homebuilder and Financial Services sales professional. While considering a career change back into the Real Estate industry in 2012, Band began developing detailed plans for his real estate brokerage. While creating a marketing plan he was discouraged with the website options available. Realizing he was not alone in his frustration he created Realteya, a company that provides modern, affordable websites designed for Realtors with a single goal in mind; generate more leads. Realteya’s websites offer many features, including:
• Simple, attractive, modern website designs
• Lead generation contact forms on each page
• Affordable monthly or annual pricing options
• Ability to easily change content
• Attractive listings pages
• Easy integration with most MLS providers
In the design phase all Realteya websites undergo extensive split testing to provide a final website that very effectively and efficiently converts website traffic into leads. These tests range from variables as large as page layouts to items as seemingly insignificant as button colors. Such extensive testing and attention to detail allows Realteya to provide Realtors with near perfect websites.

“It’s no longer enough for Realtors to simply have a website. The internet is used by more than 90% of buyers and sellers. We found that the majority of traffic to Realtor websites resulted in just 1 or 2 page visits before the visitor departs for another site,” says Realteya founder Ryan Band. “We created Realteya to help Realtors capture those leads and grow their business.”

Realteya websites start at just $10 per month. Realtors can sample a Realteya website with a free 30 day trial.

Realteya launched in October 2014. Ryan Band, a former Realtor, homebuilder and financial services sales professional, founded the company after becoming aware of the lack of quality websites with a focus on increasing sales. Realteya provides Realtors with affordable websites that were specifically designed to generate more leads for their business.

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