Useful Tips to Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal and Get It Ready to Sell

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Your Home’s Curb Appeal

You’ve heard people say that first impressions matter… Well, they mean a great deal in real estate. In the world of real estate, a first impression is called curb appeal. Home buyers are always on the hunt for their forever home, and your home could be it! But if your home’s exteriors aren’t appealing or inviting, they’re not even going to want to see what your home’s interiors have to offer.

The thing about curb appeal is that people recognize it immediately. But just as quickly as people can see a home’s curb appeal, it’s just as easy to notice when a home lacks curb appeal. The appearance of your yard, the condition of your home’s paint job, the walkway, and even the condition of your plants, all play a role in whether you’ll be sticking a “SOLD” sign in your yard or if your home will continue to get driven past.

So what exactly do you need to do to grab the attention of home buyers with your home’s exteriors? Well, it’s simpler than you might think. Things like color and contrast, balance and symmetry, and, of course, a little elbow grease and TLC, will go a long way in your efforts to improve your home’s curb appeal and get it sold.

If you need a little help in getting started, there are some simple ways to make your home’s exteriors more aesthetically pleasing. Follow these useful tips to improve your home’s curb appeal to get it sold.

Improving Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Improving Your Home Curb Appeal

Invest in Lawn Care Services

Your lawn plays a huge role in your home’s curb appeal. In fact, your lawn is the first thing some potential home buyers notice before even looking at the house. When they see that the lawn isn’t taken care of, they then seem to look at the other aspects of the house negatively.

The secret to success with lawn care is to tend to it consistently and regularly. You can easily tell when a home has their lawn treated regularly and one that doesn’t. And sure, you can cut your own yard and rake the leaves but the fact that you’re trying to get your home sold (sooner than later), it would be in your best interest to invest in the best lawn care services.

Also, while you’re investing in lawn care services, it’s also a good idea to look into your landscaping as well. Simple landscaping tips like refreshing your mulch, adding vibrant colored flowers, and adding natural rocks and pebbles can enhance and redefine your yard’s overall appearance. In fact, according to, the landscape of the yard is one of the top three factors that matter most in your home’s curb appeal.

Update Your Home’s Hardware

“The devil is in the details,” they say, and that may very well be the truth because home buyers look at those tiny little details. Simply updating your street numbers, doorknobs, and door knockers can make a potential home buyer fall in love with your home.

Give Your Home a Fresh Face

After those harsh winter months, sometimes the only thing your home needs to give it a fresh face is a good washing. Whether you choose to buy a pressure washer or rent one, a good pressure washer could be just the thing to brighten your home’s appearance and make it more vibrant and appealing to home buyers. You also can hire contractors to paint your home if the pressure washing it didn’t quite give you the results you wanted.

Paint Your Front Door

If you think pressure washing or painting your home will transform the look of your home, consider what painting your front door will do! Painting your front door might not seem like it will make a big difference but it indeed will. You can either refresh the current color of your door or give your door a bold look by painting it a bright vibrant color. The key here is to make sure the color you choose for your front door balances with the color of your home.

Update Your Mailbox

Because your mailbox is so close to your home, it should be just as aesthetically pleasing as your home. Whether it’s a fresh coat of paint, adding stone around it, or completely replacing it, your mailbox is a small aspect of your home but it can be a complete eyesore if your home’s exteriors are attractive but then you have a rusted mailbox sitting on the curb in front of your house.

It wouldn’t necessarily be a deal-breaker for potential home buyers but it would certainly be a mark against your home.

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