Useful Tips When Performing Home Maintenance or Repairs


When you own a home, dealing with maintenance, repairs, improvements and remodeling projects never seems to end. You love that you own a place, but the larger the property, the more that goes wrong with it.

Performing Home Maintenance or Repairs

To make life as a homeowner a little easier, here are some useful tips to make maintenance less of a challenge.

Interior and Exterior Walls

The interior and exterior walls require at least one fresh coat of paint every few years before the colors start to fade. Certainly, the interior walls are far less likely to have problems with fading from the sun (other than a wall catching sunlight periodically every day). However, personal tastes change, and so inside walls will end up getting a fresh coat when redecorating the home.

For exterior walls, the result of both sun damage and elements like rain, hail stones or snow will cause wear and tear that can be seen to the naked eye. Treating the walls with a protective coating and repainting the outside of the property helps make the home look like new; homes that look shabby from the outside almost always have poorly maintained paintwork as the first thing you notice.

When painting exterior walls that go all the way to the roof, you might consider using fall protection equipment to put your body into a harness attached to a safety cable from the roof to prevent an accident from accidental falling. Ladders aren’t always as safe as you might think!

Air Conditioning

Maintaining one or more air conditioning units is often overlooked, but when the air-con goes off in the summertime, you sure notice it. Unfortunately, this is the hardest time to get someone out to look at the unit because it’s a common time for things to go wrong. Checking on your air-con system periodically is cost-efficient because paying to have the air-con unit repaired later is pricey.

First, look at the condensation hose. Water should have no flow rate difficulties. Should you discover water pooling at the drain point of the condensation hose, this is an issue. Where possible, create a reservoir below the hose to allow water to flow away conveniently and not pool in one spot. Standing water often allows bacteria to build up which travels up the hose and into the home when not handled properly.

Furthermore, clean any screen or filter that could be preventing the clean flow of air and obstructing proper filtering of air particles too. Blocked or unclean filters distribute poor quality air that could cause illness and the air-con unit to work harder and use more electricity.

Make Changes Slowly

Just like with anything else in life, you’re better off tackling a big task by breaking it down into smaller pieces. With making improvements like a complete refurbishment or remodeling project, tackle one major issue at a time. When there’s several plumbing problems that you want to handle, deal with one issue like the toilet and don’t try to deal with the whole bathroom at the same time. Similarly, with a house remodeling project, tackle one room at a time to avoid getting overwhelmed. Pace yourself appropriately to avoid burning out on the project.

Maintaining your home is something that you get better at with time and experience. It’s a gradual learning curve as more maintenance tasks need attending to over the years. It requires some patience until you create a wide skillset that you can rely upon.

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