What Are The Best Type Of Flooring For Commercial Spaces?

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Having a good office or commercial space is essential. That is why people like to put a good amount of money into the overall design of such spaces, especially when it comes to flooring. Quality flooring will not only add more appeal but also prevents any accidents from happening.

So, it’s essential to hire good commercial flooring contractors. But if you don’t know what type of flooring to use for commercial spaces, then this is the article you have been looking for.

The Best Type Commercial Space Flooring

There can be a lot of types of flooring in the market. So, to save you from the hassle, below are some of the best types of commercial space flooring you can use in your own business or office.

Polished Concrete

This type of flooring is common for a lot of commercial spaces. You can find them in a shopping complex, supermarkets, corporate office retail space, or warehouses. It’s a classic and durable material that has become more popular because of its contemporary and clean look. Many business owners also prefer polished concrete to other flooring materials because it cuts down on maintenance costs.

It is also very reflective which means fewer lights. You can also improve the air quality of your commercial space since it cannot retain any molds or other indoor allergens.

Stained Concrete 

You can transform concrete in several ways through the use of staining. Because of this method, you can mimic other materials, even expensive ones like marble, wood, or natural stone. Other decorative elements like stencils and patterns can make your flooring unique and customized to fit whatever interior decoration you plan to have.

Stained concrete flooring is typical in restaurants, churches, outdoor malls, and even homes. Since it does not fade, chip, or crack easily, it’s also perfect for outdoor spaces.

Epoxy Flooring

Another type of flooring that is also becoming more popular in the concrete flooring market is epoxy flooring. It’s becoming more common in hospitals, airports, schools and colleges, manufacturing plants, and automotive facilities. Since it’s highly resistant to any typical abrasions like wear and tear, it’s perfect for busy and high-performance places. It also has insulating properties.


If you want to have that hardwood or stone look for your flooring without the upkeep, you should opt for Vinyl. This fully synthetic polymer is relatively durable and is moisture resistant. But the best feature it has is that it can come in a variety of colors and patterns, perfect for anyone who wants to make their commercial space as stylish as possible.

But, unfortunately, patterns can fade if exposed to UV light, so it’s only ideal for indoor settings.


The most traditional type of flooring, carpets can be ideal in some commercial places because it provides warmth, especially in cold regions. It can also absorb excess noise, perfect for places like call centers and other office-type commercial spaces. But you are going to need to spend a little on its maintenance. That is because carpets can easily retain moisture, dirt, and dust. So, vacuuming it every day is a must.


If you want to put an elegant look into your commercial space, then hardwood flooring is a perfect choice. Because it is great for impressing visitors, it is ideal you install them in conference rooms and lobbies. It can be more expensive than other flooring alternatives, but the overall design and style it brings are hard to replicate by other flooring materials.


If you value utility for your flooring, then your best bet is to use rubber flooring. This type of flooring is perfect for reducing accidents. Plus, it can cushion you from a bad fall. It’s typically installed in gyms, commercial kitchens, hospitals, or other accident prone places. Although it is slip-resistant, easy to maintain, and sound absorbent, its surface can get discolored over time.

That is why rubber flooring is more valued for its utility rather than its aesthetics.


When it comes to commercial spaces, quality flooring goes a long way.That is because it creates more appeal and prevents accidents from happening in the first place. So, it’s essential to tell your commercial flooring contractors to install the best flooring material for your commercial space, like the ones above.

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