4 Tips for Selling Your Home in Arizona

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Whether you’re planning to sell your home to move to another neighborhood or city within Arizona, or you’re moving out of state, selling a house can be a stressful experience. Here are 4 tips to make the process a bit easier when selling in Arizona and how you can maximize the amount you sell for.

Find an Experienced Realtor

The realtor you find can ultimately make or break your home selling experience. It can also greatly affect the price you end up selling your house for based on their negotiation skills. Within Arizona, look for a realtor that specializes in the area and neighborhoods that you’re selling your home in. This is important because as the realtor works to list your property and host open houses, you want them to be hyper familiar with the surrounding area.

You should also take time to consider using a full service, local Arizona flat fee realtor, rather than a commission based realtor. A huge benefit to a full service, flat fee realtor is that you can end up saving thousands of dollars compared to non-flat fee agents. Plus, you’ll still get everything else that a commission based realtor offers; you’ll just get it for one flat rate instead.

Sell During the Right Season

Spring is the ideal time to sell your property in Arizona. During the spring months, the weather is in the mid to high 80s, making it tolerable for prospective home buyers to house hunt throughout the day. Additionally, the days begin to get longer during the spring, giving you more daylight to work with.

Towards the end of spring, school is also getting out for summer. For families looking to move, this is a great time for them to look at purchasing a home, since it gives them the summer months to fully move in and get situated in their new location,

Across the U.S., spring and summer are generally popular times to sell homes, and this is also true for Arizona. One thing to keep in mind, though, is that due to the excessive heat in AZ, summer can be a challenging season for people from out of state to come and look at houses. Especially if they don’t have kids or a job that gives them summers off, out of state people may wait until the cooler months to seriously house hunt.

Get Professional Photos and Video Taken

The best way to have your home sell quickly is by having a professional photographer take photos and videos of your property. In Arizona, the lighting can be harsh during the middle of the day (and there are not many trees around to help soften the light), so hiring a photographer to take photos in the morning or late afternoon can be ideal, especially for exterior footage.

Improve Curb Appeal

While you typically do not have to worry about grass in front yards in this desert state, there are plenty of other ways you can improve the look of your house from the front. Because of how hot it gets in Arizona, paint can fade pretty quickly.

Give your door a fresh coat of paint, along with painting the trim around the windows for an instant way to make your house look updated. Pressure wash the driveway and exterior of your home to remove any dirt and dust build up.

Also, if you can, try to park in the garage or on the street so that your car does not block the view of your home as people drive by and walk up to it. Your car can actually impact someone’s first impression of your home (both positively and negatively), so unless you have a luxury car that’s in pristine condition, it’s better to remove it from the immediate view of your home.


As you connect with your realtor to sell your home, make sure you are both on the same page for the listing price, when the best time to list it is, and how to best present the house so that it can sell quickly.

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