Tuesday, December 5, 2023
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Delta Media Group, located in Canton, Ohio, is a leading and trusted technology partner for many of real estate’s top brands. Creator of the DeltaNET 6, real estate’s most advanced all-in-one digital marketing, back office, and website platform, Delta Media Group is the largest family-owned and operated technology innovator with no outside investors or VC funding.

Delta Media Group is renowned for saving clients money while reducing the frustration of managing multiple online technologies. Established in 1994, Delta Media Group remains a top real estate technology innovator

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Delta Media launches DeltaNET 7, real estate’s most customizable, automated, AI-powered CRM-based digital marketing...

Delta Media Group, one of America’s largest technology solutions providers for real estate brokerages, announces the launch of one

Using the newest tech to help optimize an Open House: Delta Media to host...

Open houses are back, and now real estate agents can leverage new tech tools to optimize their effectiveness to get the most out of the real estate’s most proven, hyperlocal property promotional

Delta survey reveals real estate brokers’ Top 5 challenges for this year

What are the top five business challenges for real estate broker leaders this year? In a recent Delta Real Estate Leadership Survey of more than 100 individual brokers, who are leading firms

Delta Media leadership survey reveals real estate brokers 2023 outlook

Real estate brokerage leaders are rarely a pessimistic group, yet more than half believe the global economy (63 percent) and the US economy (51 percent) will deteriorate in 2023.

New Delta Media Nov. 9 Webinar showcases how new, automated marketing tools will help...

Delta Media Group, one of America’s largest real estate technology solutions providers for brokerages, is hosting a free webinar to help real estate brokerages and agents "double down on online marketing."
Cover CMA 2022 sample

Delta Media announces Delta Pitch – a one-click CMA

Delta Media Group, one of America’s largest real estate all-in-one technology solutions providers for brokers, will launch “Delta Pitch,” a new Comparative Market Analysis tool that allows agents to create a complete CMA in as little as one click.

Delta Media sneak preview webinar set for April 13, 2022 to show off new...

Delta Media Group, one of America’s largest real estate technology solutions providers for brokers will launch its next-generation, CRM-based, all-in-one digital marketing platform this fall.

Delta Media Leverages Automation, AI to Create New All-in-One Real Estate CRM-based...

Delta Media Group, one of America’s largest real estate technology solutions providers for brokers, today announced the upcoming launch of a next-generation, CRM-based, all-in-one digital marketing platform, available this fall.
New Delta HQ Hybrid Office 1

Delta Media builds a “hybrid office” for its new 2022 headquarters

As working remotely becomes an expected option by new hires – especially for tech-related businesses – Delta Media created a new “hybrid office” workspace for its new headquarters designed to accommodate its burgeoning growth in 2022 and beyond.

Realty Associates debuts “next-gen tech” with Delta Media Brings more market exposures for home...

Realty Associates, a Latter & Blum company and one of the largest and most effective marketers of homes and commercial real estate in the Houston area, announces the debut of new

Delta Media breaks through tech clutter with new “Delta Fresh” ads

Digital marketing experts estimate that the average person encounters up to as many as 10,000 ads every single day. The daily bombardment has increased some twenty times from an estimated 500 ads per day in the 1970s.

Delta Media triples staff in last 36 months as 2021 growth surge will result...

As US home prices and sales continue their record-pace, the real estate tech leader Delta Media Group keeps up by growing its staff by 300 percent in just 36 months. At its current business growth rate, Delta Media will need to double its workforce
Michael Minard - Delta CEO and owner

Delta Media tops real estate technology integration study

Real estate technology systems that don’t “talk” to each other are among the most frustrating pain points for real estate brokers and their agents. Research documents the importance of “systems integration

Local Showings by Delta Media set for early April launch

Unprecedented demand from MLS and brokerages is met with a “guarantee” not to sell, commitment to Phase II development. Delta Media Group announced today the launch of Local Showings, an independent full-featured property showing
Michael Minard - Delta CEO and owner

Delta Media green lights national independent real estate showing service

Delta Media Group announced today that it would rapidly finalize and deploy a full-featured, wholly independent real estate showing service nationwide in response to an “avalanche of immediate industry support.” The new service will be called Local
Delta Media Poll

Delta Media polls the real estate industry: Would you use a new, independent showing...

Delta Media Group announced today it is polling real estate agents, brokers, and Multiple Listing Services decision-makers if they would use a new, independent showing service.
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Despite COVID, Delta Media hits record growth in 2020, poised for a ‘breakout’ year...

No one expected real estate to experience a record-setting year in 2020, with the economic slowdown and banning of a number of real estate activities, including open houses. Yet existing-home sales jumped nearly 27%
Contest - DeltaNET 6 Creative Studio

Delta Media’s Creative Studio available free to real estate agents and teams using DeltaNET 6

Real estate agents don’t have time to learn how to become professional designers — yet the most successful ways to market a listing requires design management and intelligence
Recently Sold map

Delta Media helps brokerages provide consumers a “Recently Sold” map to help unlock local...

Homeowners are naturally curious about their homes’ value, and for years they’ve been able to use an AVM (automated valuation model) on real estate websites to get a home value estimation.
Delta media client CBPP-1

Delta Media upgrades its Builders and Communities Platform for Real Estate Brokerages

Delta Media Groupâ Inc., one of America’s most established and largest broker technology solutions providers, is launching a newly updated website service that allows real estate brokers

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