Cramer Introduces Legislation to Protect Native American Children


WASHINGTON, D.C. – May 1, 2014 – (RealEstateRama) — Today Congressman Kevin Cramer introduced legislation to create uniform standards for the placement of Native American children into foster homes. The Native American Children’s Safety Act finally implements an across-the-board minimum protection for children placed in foster care under the direction of a tribal court. Senator John Hoeven has introduced the legislation in the Senate.

“I was astounded to find out that tribal foster care does not have the same standards as the rest of our country in many cases. While uniform standards for foster homes exist at the national level, Native American tribes have a complex and uneven series of procedures and guidelines which vary from tribe to tribe,” said Cramer. “This bill makes sure there are adequate background checks for people who live in a foster home before placing a child there. We must expect more from anyone who aspires to provide a foster care environment for any child.”

Under the legislation, a background check must be conducted on all adults living in a potential foster home before a tribal court can place any child there. This must include a National Instant Criminal Background Check as well as a search of child abuse or neglect registries in any state the individual has lived in the preceding five years. Any adult 18 years or older who moves into the home after placement of the child would also be required to undergo the same thorough check.

Cramer said he will be working closely with his colleagues to gather support and momentum for the legislation.

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