GoFightForeclosure.com Says Expert Witness Helps Resolve Foreclosure Disputes


“Former licensed mortgage broker Kyle Ransom uses expertise of improper mortgage securitization to help foreclosure defense attorneys and mortgage companies solve foreclosure arguments.

Atlanta, GA – October 4, 2011 – (RealEstateRama) — GoFightForeclosure.com announced today using an expert witness helps resolve foreclosure disputes. The company offers Kyle Ransom’s nationwide expert witness Affidavit on their website for homeowners challenging foreclosures, foreclosure defense attorneys, mortgage servicers, and lending institutions.

Kyle Ransom worked in banking and financial services specializing in the mortgage industry with a total of over 17 years experience as a former licensed mortgage broker, loan officer, and real estate residential and commercial investor.

He received formal training in the area of residential loans. Ransom is also an expert in loan origination of secondary market mortgage backed securities. His expertise is in detecting chain of title Interest to determine Holder In Due Course for Quiet Title Action disputes and enforceable security interest for Foreclosure Complaint disputes.

“In the beginning of loan origination when securitization is involved the lender establishes instructions in the note. Most importantly securitization must occur properly,” stated Kyle Ransom.

According to Ransom in order for a homeowner to stop a foreclosure they need to be able to explain details of how improper mortgage securitization exists in their chain of title. He says typically homeowners have lost their cases because they don’t know how to identify foreclosure defenses for securitization documentation flaws. Which he says the Affidavit of an expert witness can help the homeowner plead a foreclosure defense.

Ransom feels the problem with many expert witness Affidavits that do get kicked out of court cases is that they are not valid. He stresses the expert witness must be able to identify what securitization flaws occurred and why the party claiming enforceable interest is a Holder In Due Course or not. Revealing mortgage servicers and banks often need an Affidavit in support of foreclosure complaints and to lift automatic stay.

Stressing that the expert witness Affidavits that are rejected seldom know how to explain improper mortgage securitization and why which party is or not violating foreclosure laws with Uniform Commercial Code breach.

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About Kyle Ransom
The Go Fight Foreclosure Blog provides the most informative foreclosure news exposing mortgage fraud. A resource guide for homeowners to learn about foreclosure happenings and where to find foreclosure help solutions.

Kyle Ransom is the founder of Go Fight Foreclosure System http://GoFightForeclosure.com . He termed the foreclosure defense “Improper Mortgage Securitization” used by homeowners to challenge their mortgage lender’s enforceable security interest to foreclose.

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