How to Buy a Vacation Home: 5 Things You Need to Consider First

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How to Buy a Vacation Home

Are you finding out about how to buy a vacation home for you and your family? Learn five important things you should consider before making a decision.

In 2018, 75% of Americans said that buying a home was a priority.

Many Americans are also thinking about buying a vacation home to make a property investment and to save money on hotels when they want to go on vacation.

If you are in the market for a holiday home, there are some essential things you need to know. Read on to find out five important things you should consider before making a buying decision on a holiday home.

  1. How Often Will You Actually Visit?

One thing you should consider before you buy a vacation home is if you will actually visit or not.

Is it in a spot close enough where you could escape for the weekend? Or will you need to fly four or five hours to get there, making it harder to take time off of work?

Even if you’re only using the house a few times out of the year, you’ll still have all the bills that come with owning a home. If you live too far from your second home, you’ll have to pay someone to go and check up on it every now and then, adding just another bill to your list.

You should also research the area where you are planning to buy. For example, if you have your eyes on a vacation home in Manhattan Beach location, you should also check out this guide from

  1. How Will You Rent it Out?

When you’re not using it, you should try and rent it out to get some of your money back.

However, you’ll have to check the laws in your state to see if that’s allowed. There may even be different rules in the neighborhood.

Some communities may even charge fees to let you rent out the place.

  1. How Will You Maintain It?

You’ll also have to think about how you’ll maintain and take care of it.

If you’re not always there, you might not realize if maintenance is needed on the house.

You should have someone in the area who can see what maintenance is needed. A good rule of thumb is to set aside 2% of the home’s value to dedicate to maintenance.

  1. Can You Afford It?

The most important thing is to see if you can afford the house. There are all kinds of costs and factors to consider before you buy a home.

You need to sit down with your budget and make sure that you find a house in your price range.

If you end up biting off more than you can chew, you may find yourself in a financial nightmare.

  1. Will it Affect Your Taxes?

Finally, you’ll have to consider how it’ll affect your taxes.

A vacation home can have a major impact when April 15 comes around. Property taxes can sometimes qualify as deductions.

However, if you want to avoid a phone call or visit from the IRS, you should know that second homes are taxed differently than your first one.

Discover More Tips on How to Buy a Vacation Home

These are only a few tips on how to buy a vacation home.

Buying a home is a really big decision, so make sure that you do your research before you commit to one.

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