Simple Yet Effective Kitchen Updates

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Giving your kitchen a revamp is a great way to keep the space feeling fresh and on-trend. The kitchen is now seen to be the heart of the home, with most of the daily activity taking place here, so it’s essential that it’s a space the whole family can utilise and enjoy. From simple decorative changes to practical new features to make everyday life more organised, continue reading to find out which simple yet effective kitchen updates would work best for your home.

Cabinet Upgrades

Whilst you may not be in need of a whole new kitchen, cupboards and all, you may be able to make small changes to upgrade your existing cabinets and make them stand out and shine. The kitchen units make up over ¾ of most kitchens, so it’s important that they look the part and create an inviting feel within the kitchen space. By simply updating your cabinet hardware, including the knobs and handles, you can create a whole new look for your cabinets and add character to the space. This is a great way of trying something new, as you could look at using a different finish or material to one you’ve already used, whilst keeping the unit colour the same which in turn will save you money.

Introduce a Splashback

Having a splashback in your kitchen doesn’t just bring a pop of colour and character to the overall aesthetic, but it’s also extremely efficient when it comes to cooking and cleaning. With some good quality tiles or a stylish metal screen positioned behind your cooker or sink area, you can prevent damaged walls and paintwork from everyday wear and tear. Your splashback will be easier to clean and maintain, making your life much easier in the long run! Take a look online here at some different splashback ideas to see which would be best suited to your décor style.

Create More Storage

You can never have too much storage in the kitchen, especially when you have a big family with lots of mouths to feed. If you currently have some cupboard space that isn’t being utilised properly, now is the time to have a thorough sort out and throw away any clutter or items that you simply don’t use, ever. You’ll be amazed how many things accumulate over the years and take up much needed storage space, which could be housing much more important items. Getting organised in the kitchen will transform your routine from day to day, whether it simply makes the smallest of tasks easier to carry out or perhaps it will help you feel more on top of things when spending time in the kitchen.

Add New Lighting

Another simple yet effective way to enhance the kitchen and refresh the décor is to add some new lighting to the room. Lighting is key in every space, but even more so when it comes to the kitchen. Having the right balance of lighting in the kitchen will help to make the room feel open and bright, as well as homely and inviting. You can opt for dimmer switches that will help you to alter the lighting throughout the day, depending on what you’re using the space for. This is ideal when socialising and you want a slightly dimmed setting, compared to when you’re cooking and need the lights to be nice and bright.

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