Steps You Need to Take to Find a Pet-Friendly Housing

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Often the definition of a pet-friendly house may be a little unclear to most of us as it is not straightforward, and clear whether to bring your pet with you or not. In some of the ads, you may find the words ‘Pet-Friendly or Dog-Friendly,’ and you may rent such property. This means that the landlord is open to pets, however, you may also have to meet specific criteria.

Most property managers may limit you on the number of pets you can own, or the type of pets you can bring. Usually, this is based on the preferences of the property owner and how much damage pets can cause while living in the house.

The best approach while handling a undecided property owner of any pet-friendly apartment house is to allow them to know your pet first. Their hesitation normally comes from a few generalities about certain animals, so you need to demonstrate why your cat or dog is different.

You may also contact Bend Relocation Services for pet friendly rentals in Bend Oregon. Usually, the following are a few steps you must take for finding a pet-friendly house.

  1. Take enough time

If you are looking for a pet-friendly house for renting then contact any real estate agents well in advance before you decide to change your residence. Usually, it takes a little more time.

  1. Put yourself in the shoes of the landlord

You must also understand why most landlords are quite skeptical about pets, as they might have had a bad experience before. Often many pet owners are quite irresponsible about their pets.

Often the neighbors too may complain about pets and some of their apprehensions can be quite genuine too.

  1. Use your available resources

There are also few agencies available that provide proper care for the animals. If your estate agent is also an animal lover then he will surely provide you with such resources.

  1. No need to negotiate

If the homeowner is adamant about allowing your pets to stay with you then it is futile to negotiate with such landlords. Even if he allows you to let in but soon he may start complaining and ask you to vacate the premise.

  1. Get proof about your responsibility for pets

You may try to get any of the following to justify that you are responsible for your pets:

  • A reference letter from your current landlord.
  • Proof that your adult dog is fully trained.
  • A letter from your veterinarian stating that you were quite diligent in the medical care of your pet.
  1. Promote yourself

Many responsible pet owners can make superb residents. As they will search for their place to live by taking lots of effort. Lower vacancy rates will mean lower costs and very few headaches for landlords and also real estate agents.

You must let your prospective landlords know that you too comprehend that living with any companion animal is an advantage and not a right.

  1. Promote your pet

You may invite your prospective landlord to meet your pet or take your pet to your landlord to introduce it. Quite possibly he may also be quite impressed to find your well-groomed pet and allow you in.

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