Top 6 Ways to Promote Your Real Estate Listings

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The best real estate professionals know that advertising and marketing play key roles in selling properties. After all, how can you sell something if people don’t know that it’s for sale in the first place?

Luckily, there’s no shortage of simple yet creative ways to promote a property for sale nowadays. The problem arises when you can’t decide which ones to use or don’t know which ones would be the most effective.

To help you figure things out, here’s a list of some of the best ways to market your real estate listings.

Real Estate Sign Riders

A lot of things may have gone digital but real estate sign riders still work wonderfully. For the uninitiated, real estate sign riders are smaller signs that usually hang or sit above the main “For Sale” sign. Often called simply as “sign riders” within the industry, these usually contain the realtor’s contact information. However, agents can also use sign riders to promote the most attractive aspects of the property. Do you want to market a house’s gorgeous garden or perhaps a hot tub in a lavish bathroom? You can use a real estate sign rider to highlight these features. You can also use witty, funny messages to catch people’s attention and make them take a second or even third look. Check out this website to learn more about real estate sign riders and how you can use them to their full potential.

Social Media Channels

As mentioned earlier, a lot of things have gone digital. Social media is an undeniable proof of this. Indeed, your potential buyers are probably spending a few hours a day on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. It’s only wise to use these social media sites to advertise your property listings. On Facebook, you can set up your own Page and post regular content to engage clients and promote properties for sale. You may also join neighborhood groups if you have something available in that area. This way, you’re assured that you are posting relevant content.

On the other hand, Instagram is the perfect place to post dressed-up photos. You can upload shots of every room in the house, or perhaps a collection of properties within a neighborhood. Meanwhile, Twitter is great for rapid-fire updates. Tweeting often and with relevant, eye-catching visuals can help promote the listing you want to sell at no cost. Remember to add a call to action, as well as relevant hashtags so you’ll appear on searches.

Another benefit of using social media channels in promoting your real estate listings? It will keep you abreast of the latest trends and best practices on social media marketing.

Update the Property’s Google Street View

Google Street View is a feature of Google Maps and Google Earth, where users can view interactive panoramas of various locations around the globe. In short, people can “travel” the world using only their computers or smartphones. Real estate professionals can take advantage of this technology and create a 360-degree-view of the properties they’re selling. After you upload the visual content, it will instantly appear in Google Images and the address will also show up on Google Maps. This means that you can advertise the property and also improve its search results at the same time. Remember to add all the necessary details and marketing materials. You can compile them under one website or blog for easy access.

Start a Blog or Vlog

As digital marketers will tell you, content is king. However, don’t just create content for the sake of creating content. Feel free to start a blog or vlog, but make sure to produce materials that are useful and relevant to your customers. Don’t just post photos. Add carefully thought-out captions as well to emphasize why the property is a good buy. In addition, make sure that your website is as easy to navigate as possible.

When it comes to video content, make sure to upload the right length. On YouTube, the ideal duration is 10 minutes if you also want to also monetize. On Facebook, 3 minutes is the recommended length although you can certainly bat for longer. If you post engaging, relevant content, you don’t have to worry about people not watching your videos to the end.

Use Email Marketing

Some people look down on email marketing, but it’s actually a good way to keep your clients updated. If you have a blog or vlog, email newsletters can provide a roundup of all the content you posted recently. You can also send seasonal newsletters. For example, you can send an email featuring homes for newlyweds during peak wedding seasons. You can also create special content that newsletter subscribers can access before others.

Partner Up with Local Businesses

If the property is located within a bustling community, it’s a good idea to partner with local businesses in the area. Get in touch with coffee shops, furniture stores, clothing boutiques, or even bookstores. Invite them to participate in an open house, where these businesses can set-up pop-up stores. You can even allocate a room per business, say the kitchen to the coffee shop and the bedroom for the bookstore.

What’s great about this method is that you can “ride” on the established reputations of these well-loved businesses. At the same time, you can also provide them with another platform to market their own products. Meanwhile, potential buyers can enjoy discounts from their favorite shops. It’s a win-win-win situation!

As you can see, while you do have to exert creativity and effort, promoting your real estate listings isn’t and shouldn’t have to be complicated. Give these methods a try and see how much easier it will be for you to make a sale.

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