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What Governors Need to Know About the Department of Energy’s Forthcoming Electricity Grid Study

The U.S. Department of Energy, led by Secretary Rick Perry, is soon due to release a report on the electricity grid and the role of “baseload power.” Ahead of the report’s release, the Center for American Progress has released a new column outlining what governors need to know about Perry’s grid study and the potential impact on states’ electricity systems and markets, utility commissions, public health and clean air, and jobs.
Center for American Progress

New CAP Analysis Shows that Clean Energy Technologies, Not Fossil Fuels, Are on the...

As the Trump administration’s Energy Week draws to a close, two energy experts and former Obama administration officials released a Center for American Progress analysis documenting how President Barack Obama’s policy decisions ushered in market-transforming growth and momentum in the clean energy sector.
Center for American Progress

CAP’s Marc Jarsulic on Treasury’s Financial Regulation Report

Marc Jarsulic, vice president of economic policy at CAP, released the following statement on a U.S. Department of the Treasury report that outlines recommendations for regulatory reform.
Center for American Progress

Trump’s Elimination of Low Income Energy Assistance Will Cause Direct Harm to Already Vulnerable...

The Trump administration has been openly hostile to climate science and policies aimed at mitigating the worst effects of climate change. They have proposed gutting the budget of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA attempted to undo the Clean Power Plan and are considering pulling the United States from the Paris climate agreement
Center for American Progress

House Repeal Bill Would Do Serious Harm to Children with Disabilities

A new issue brief from the Center for American Progress details the substantial harm that cuts to Medicaid, such as the federal funding caps in the House health care bill, would have on children with disabilities who rely on the Medicaid program to help them learn and grow in their homes and communities. The impact could include a loss of prescription medication, as well as cuts to special education programs in schools, speech and physical therapy, screenings, home-based services, and diagnostic screenings to identify and address disabilities and developmental delays earl
Center for American Progress

As the US Determines its Role in the Global Climate Effort, Self-interested Nations Pursue...

The Trump administration is currently deciding whether the United States will remain in the Paris Agreement and stand by its climate commitments. The upcoming meetings of international forums—including the G-7 and G-20—will provide some clarity on the new U.S. role in the global climate effort and the international response. In the meantime, there are indications that other major economies are steadfast in supporting the climate movement.

Perry Confirmation Gives Polluters a New Dance Partner at the Department of Energy, Says...

Christy Goldfuss, Vice President for Energy and Environment Policy at the Center for American Progress, released the following statement today after the U.S. Senate confirmed former Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) as secretary of the U.S. Department of Energy

Carson Must Enforce Fair Housing Rules, Fight Affordable Housing Budget Cuts, Says CAP’s Sarah...

Today, the U.S. Senate voted to confirm Dr. Ben Carson as secretary of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, or HUD. Sarah Edelman, Director of Housing Policy at the Center for American Progress, issued the following statement

Rolling Back Water Regulations Weakens Protections for All Americans, Says CAP’s Christy Goldfuss

Center for American Progress Vice President for Energy and Environment Policy Christy Goldfuss issued the following statement today after President Donald Trump signed an executive order designed to start the process of rolling back critical clean water regulations.

Trump’s Reckless Approach to U.S.-Mexico Relations Endangers Water Security in the West

The Trump administration’s stumbling and reckless approach to U.S.-Mexico relations could have profound and damaging side effects on water security in the American West, according to a new study from the Center for American Progress
Center for American Progress

U.S. Companies are Investing in Climate Resilient Infrastructure, the United States Must Also

The U.S. private sector is already learning the lessons from extreme weather caused by climate change. Companies throughout the country are investing billions to protect their infrastructure. Even the oil companies—notorious climate change deniers—are protecting their multibillion-dollar infrastructure assets from rising sea levels, more severe storms and hotter temperatures.

CAP Announces Former CEQ Managing Director Christy Goldfuss to Serve as New Vice President...

The Center for American Progress announced today that Christy Goldfuss, former managing director of the White House Council on Environmental Quality, or CEQ, has rejoined CAP as the Center’s new Vice President for Energy and Environment Policy. As managing director, Goldfuss helped develop and implement the Obama administration’s environmental and energy policies, including the Climate Action Plan, President Barack Obama’s major initiative to combat climate change.

No Reason to Think that Attorney General Sessions Will Act as Independent Check on...

The Senate Judiciary Committee voted to confirm Jeff Sessions as attorney general. Michele Jawando, Vice President for Legal Progress at the Center for American Progress, issued the following statement

On First Day in Office, Trump Makes it More Expensive for Americans to Buy...

After being sworn into office today, the administration of President Donald Trump moved to raise Federal Housing Administration, or FHA, premiums for new homebuyers by 25 basis points. This action, which reverses an Obama administration move to lower premiums by 25 basis points, will cost a new homebuyer an additional $500 on their housing payments in 2017. The lower premium rate, the FHA estimated, could have made homeownership affordable for an additional 250,000 first-time homebuyers in the next three years

President-elect Trump Once Thought a Clean Energy Economy Was Good for Business, and It...

Eight years ago, Donald Trump and his children—Ivanka, Donald Jr., and Eric—joined dozens of other business leaders on an open letter to world leaders urging them to secure an ambitious global agreement on climate change. At the time, they called the consequences of inaction “catastrophic and irreversible” and the science supporting these facts “irrefutable.” The signees argued that investing in a clean energy economy was the right way to mitigate the harmful emissions putting the planet at risk

CAP VP for Energy Policy Greg Dotson on Nomination of Rick Perry as Energy...

Center for American Progress Vice President for Energy Policy Greg Dotson issued the following statement on the nomination of former Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) to be the next secretary of energy

HUD Secretary Needs Housing or Community Development Experience, Says CAP’s Housing Policy Director on...

President-elect Donald Trump has nominated Dr. Ben Carson to serve as secretary of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, or HUD. Sarah Edelman, Director of Housing Policy at the Center for American Progress, released the following statement

CAP’s David Hayes on BLM’s Solar and Wind Energy Development Rule

Center for American Progress Senior Fellow David Hayes issued the following statement after the Bureau of Land Management released its final rule governing solar and wind energy development on public lands. The rule will create a new leasing program to support renewable energy through competitive leasing and encourage development in suitable areas.

Today’s Housing Market Fails to Fully Meet Needs of Extended Families, New CAP Report...

xtended families—households that include grandparents, grandchildren, cousins, siblings and other relatives living together—compromise 17 percent of households. Yet, today’s housing market does not meet the needs of these families, a new report released today by the Center for American Progress shows. CAP’s report highlights how existing housing stock is less suited to the realities of today’s modern households, particularly for the greater number of adults who live together as part of extended and multigenerational families.

America’s Dams Are in Disrepair; CAP Report Calls for New Thinking on Future of...

With an uptick in extreme weather events and a majority of American dams approaching the end of their expected lifespans, it is time to rethink public policy on dams, according to a new report out today by the Center for American Progress. The report release coincides with an event hosted by CAP titled, “Assessing the Condition of America’s Dams and Rivers.”

CAP to Host Discussion on the Future of Our Aging Dam Infrastructure

The Center for American Progress will host a panel discussion October 18 at 10 a.m., on efforts to modernize the management of dam infrastructure, remove unneeded dams, and restore the health of American rivers.

CAP’s Laura E. Durso on New HUD Rule Providing Equal Access to Shelters Based...

Laura E. Durso, Senior Director for the Center for American Progress LGBT Research and Communications Project, released the following statement on the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s new rule ensuring equal access to shelters for transgender Americans based on their gender identity

Clean Power Plan Will Expedite Transition to Renewables, Cut Toxic Air Pollution

With oral arguments on the Clean Power Plan scheduled for next week in the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, the Center for American Progress released a short analysis of the benefits of the Clean Power Plan for the climate and human health.

CAP’s David J. Hayes on the Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan

Center for American Progress Senior Fellow David J. Hayes released the following statement today about the U.S. Department of the Interior’s release of the final Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan, which will help balance renewable energy development and conservation on approximately 10 million acres of public lands in California

At CAP, U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Julián Castro to Address Lead...

Over the past several months, national outrage around Flint, Michigan’s, water crisis has increased attention on the critical issue of childhood lead poisoning. Decades after ending the use of lead in paint and other sources, lead poisoning remains one of the nation’s most devastating health threats, affecting more than 535,000 children each year—particularly in low-income communities. Such exposure diminishes children’s reading and learning abilities and increases their likelihood of dropping out of school.

CAP Report Outlines a Comprehensive Approach to U.S. Infrastructure for the 21st Century and...

Many of America’s critical infrastructure assets have come to the end of their useful life and need major repairs or reconstruction. Additionally, over the next 50 years, the United States will add nearly 100 million people, requiring system expansion in order to meet growing demand for mobility, clean water, and flood control, to name only a few areas. Yet, for too long, Congress has failed to provide robust funding to meet our national needs. This has left state and local governments without a strong federal partner

With the Rise of Distributed Solar, Net Energy Metering is Causing Utilities, Policymakers, and...

With the falling cost of consumer renewable energy sources such as distributed solar, more and more Americans are generating their own electricity and selling it back to the grid—a process known as net energy metering. However, as net metering has increased the amount of distributed solar deployed, utilities, policymakers, and consumers have debated how to pay for services provided by these distributed energy resources and the grid

New CAP Report Explores Potential of Community Land Trusts to Provide, Protect Affordable Housing...

WASHINGTON, D.C. - (RealEstateRama) -- A new report from the Center for American Progress explores the potential of community land trusts to provide and...

CAP’s Infrastructure Director on WMATA “SafeTrack” Service Plan Announcement

Kevin DeGood, Director, Infrastructure Policy at the Center for American Progress, released the following statement today after the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, or WMATA, announced its “SafeTrack” plan, which will involve months of track shutdowns and single-tracking for Washington’s Metro system.

CAP Report on Building Climate Resilient Midwestern Cities Shows Innovative Ways Localities Are Improving...

As global temperatures rise, cities in the Great Lakes region are adjusting to a new normal of more frequent and intense storms, heavy downpours, heat waves, and cold snaps. By far the hardest hit by extreme weather are those people in the region’s low-income communities and communities of color. The Center for American Progress has released a report analyzing steps that several Midwestern cities are taking to improve social equity and climate change resilience in these communities.

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