What to do and where to go in Bentonville Arkansas

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So, you’re thinking of taking a trip to the city of Bentonville. We don’t blame you! Bentonville has tons of things to do and sights to see, with enough to keep busy for as long as you’re in town. From historical attractions like the birthplace of the Wal-Mart supermarket chain to beautiful, lush scenery, Bentonville will not disappoint.

Bentonville Arkansas

But what do you absolutely have to see in Bentonville, you ask? What are some good recommendations for first time visitors? Glad you asked! In this article, we’ll be listing the essential Bentonville attractions that everyone should see at least once. If you’ve seen them once or twice already, you can always go again; they don’t wear out!

Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art

The Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art is one of Bentonville’s premier attractions. Housed in a sprawling, modern complex, the Museum boasts an insightful look at some of the best examples of American art in existence. In their collection, the Museum features a number of works of art from the colonial era to the contemporary era, with paintings from some of the most acclaimed painters in American history. Among the painters featured in their exhibits are Jackson Pollock, Winslow Homer, Norman Rockwell, and dozens more illustrious American artists.

In addition to the galleries of paintings, the Museum is located on 120 acres of Ozark woodland, with, trails and paths offering the opportunity for a relaxing walk in the woods. But this isn’t all; the Museum offers free entry and has a wide range of activities for children of all ages, so it’s also perfect for families with kids of all ages. Whether you’re a seasoned art aficionado or a casual connoisseur, you’re sure to enjoy the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art!

Scott Family Amazeum

Art isn’t for everyone. We get it. Some people want to see what makes things tick; they want to explore the world around them and learn how everything fits into the grand scheme of our reality. If this applies to you, look no further than the Scott Family Amazeum!

The Scott Family Amazeum has dozens of fascinating exhibits that occupy over 50,000 square feet of space.The Amazeum revolves around a hanging tree canopy whose hanging nets will prove the delight of any curious kid. Situated underneath the tree canopy, the Nature Valley Water Amazements, Weather and Nature area offers a delightful look at some fascinating aquatic and meteorological peculiarities that will hold your interest for hours.

This is just the beginning of the things that can be found in the Amazeum. From engineering exhibits to authentic historical recreations, the Scott Family Amazeum has enough fascinating displays to keep your family occupied for hours!

Walmart Museum

Next up is the Walmart Museum! Most every American has been inside a Walmart at one point or another. A ubiquitous symbol of American consumerism, you can find one of these monuments to excess in almost any large United States city. Inside, you’ll find everything from bicycles to butter to baby powder. However, Walmart wasn’t always the mega-chain that it is today. At one time in the past, Walmart was just a humble five-and-dime store, run by its owner, Sam Walton.

Whatever your opinion on the multinational supermarket chain, it is undeniable that this corporation is nothing short of a national icon. If you’re interested in the history of this store and finding out how it went from a humble single location to a far reaching multinational corporation, come on down to Walmart Museum in Bentonville! In the Walmart Museum, you can follow the journey that Sam Walton took to make his store the king of all supermarkets in the United States. It’s great fun for the whole family!

Downtown Bentonville

And so, the day has passed. You’ve spent the past hours exploring exhibits, gazing in awe at exquisite pieces of art and walking along trails through the woods. What’s next? Why, Bentonville’s downtown area, of course!

In the Bentonville downtown area, you’ll find everything you could want after a hard day of tourism. Hungry? Try one of Bentonville’s many gourmet restaurants. For a fun family meal, try the Back Porch Restaurant which serves delicious traditional American food. If you’re feeling ethnic, try Pho Thanh for excellent Asian eats, or the Table Mesa Bistro. After dinner, why not treat the kids to some ice cream at the Spark Cafe? After all, there’s nothing like a little ice cream to end the day on a high note!

Didn’t bring the kids? Want to get your drink on? Lucky for you, there are plenty of places in the city of Bentonville where you can do just that! The Trusk and Trotter American Brasserie has a variety of craft drinks to choose from, from artisan beers to delicious locally sourced wines. If you’re in the mood for a little atmospheric ambiance, try the Scotch and Soda, where some of you can sip on the bar’s namesake while you listen to smooth jazz and enjoy the mellow lighting and laid back setting.

Buying a home in Bentonville

If you visit Bentonville and find yourself falling in love with the city, you might just want to move here! After all, there’s a lot to love in this little midwestern town. Whether it’s the charming downtown area or the rich cultural scene, there’s plenty of things to grab and hold your attention here.

If you find yourself in this situation, you’ll want to buy some property. The first step in this process will be finding good real estate agents in Bentonville. Once you’ve found the perfect real estate agent, they’ll show you listings in Bentonville, and help you find a listing that fits you perfectly. Once you’ve found the perfect listing for you, the only thing left to do is purchase it and move in!

Whether you decide to move to Bentonville or not, there’s no doubt that this is one of the most fascinating towns in the midwest and one that every American should see at least once. We hope you enjoy your trip!

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