Why Commercial Door Access Control Systems Are a Must-Have

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The modern world has presented us with new ways of doing things. From the ways we communicate to the ways we shop, living in a digital era comes with a lot of convenience and security. 

Technology hasn’t just been helpful to individuals; businesses are now able to operate more efficiently, too. One of the many business solutions that technology offers is commercial door access control. Whether you want to install a new system, update an existing one or refine your commercial property search to find a building that already meets your needs, this article will guide you on everything you need to know. Read on to learn why commercial door access control systems are a must-have for any modern business, and what you’ll need to consider. 

Why Invest in Commercial Door Access Control Systems?

The traditional method of accessing a building and its multiple areas would be through a door with a lock and key. Many businesses have moved on from this, with newer technologies offering better convenience and security. Keys can get lost and be replicated, which can pose security threats on your premises. Investing in an access control system gives you greater control of access to your business which, in turn, leads to greater safety and security for your assets, including staff. 

Security considerations are necessary for every business. Access control is a necessary part of preventing theft, limiting access to certain areas for authorized individuals, ensuring the safety of employees, and relying less on manual security processes so that your team can focus on more productive tasks. Thankfully, access control is common nowadays, so you can also find a building with these capabilities pre-installed during a property search.

Theft Prevention 

An access control system acts as a security measure that makes it a little more difficult to steal. These systems are not just limited to main entrances and exits, but can be used to control access to storerooms with valuable products or information. By giving access credentials to specific staff members, you’ll be able to control who has access to what, thereby protecting your company assets. If you are preparing for the responsibility of becoming a commercial property owner, search for properties with this in mind

Limiting Access 

Oftentimes, certain information and assets should be limited to only to employees who require them to carry out their specific roles. An access control system is a great way to limit which employees can access your companies different processes. For example, you may only want Information Technology team members to access a server room, or janitorial staff to access a storeroom with hazardous cleaning chemicals. 


Overall, access control systems restrict access to your premises. This can act as an added layer of security, which prevents unauthorized individuals from simply walking into your office building. In this way, access control can work to keep your assets and employees safe. 


When you hire a team of qualified employees, you want to ensure that their skills are used in your company’s best interests. With an automated access control system, the capacity of security staff may be redirected to more productive tasks such as the management of security systems, reporting, and compiling activity logs. With less reliance on manual security processes (like signing employees in before entry), you’ll be able to reserve your staff’s capacity for other work.

Types of Commercial Door Access Control Systems

Key Card Systems 

One of the most basic access control systems involves key cards. They are an alternative to using traditional keys, and would therefore require you to ensure each individual is given an access card for the premises. Key cards can also be programmed to allow specific individuals to access certain areas, thereby eliminating the need to have multiple keys for different doors. With just one card, an employee may be allowed to access multiple areas within the building. 

Most key card systems use RFID technology to create a wireless line of communication between the access card and the card reader.


Biometric systems function based on unique individual characteristics, such as a person’s fingerprint or face. These systems would allow an individual to access an area by scanning their unique identifier. Unlike key card systems, they would not require employees to carry a physical credential like a card or fob, making them a better form of security, as no physical credential can be lost or stolen. 


Keypads are another common form of access control. They involve a unique pin or code that employees need to enter into a numeric keypad at the door. Like biometric systems, keypads are particularly convenient and secure because they do not require a physical credential like a key or card, which makes them less susceptible to theft or loss. Codes can also be updated regularly to prevent interception. 

Video Intercom System for Business

A video intercom system for business is a great way to manage access for visitors, service people, and tenants to a property. These systems allow individuals to request access from security staff, who will be able to see and hear the individual before granting access.  

Key Considerations


It’s likely that the first thing you’ll want to know about a commercial door access control system is how much it costs. Thankfully, there are plenty of solutions within a wide cost range to suit your needs. Keep in mind that the more intricate you require the solution to be, the more you will need to budget. As a prospective property owner, search for a building that will allow you to make the most of your budget while factoring in the costs of an access system. 

Installation and Service/Maintenance Fees 

Remember that you may also need to factor in installation and maintenance costs. Maintenance can include changing the code required for a keypad system, replacing and programming lost or stolen keycards, and generally ensuring that your system is functioning optimally. 

Commercial door access control systems 

Overall, commercial door access control systems are a must-have for any modern business due to the increased convenience and security they provide. These systems offer benefits such as theft prevention, limiting access to certain areas, and improving employee safety. Additionally, access control systems can automate security processes, allowing employees to focus on more productive tasks.

There are several types of commercial door access control systems available, including key card systems, biometric systems, keypads, and video intercom systems. Each system has its own unique features and benefits, so it’s important to consider which type would work best for your business.

When considering a commercial door access control system, cost is an important factor to keep in mind. While there are solutions available at various price points, more complex systems will generally be more expensive. It’s also important to consider installation and maintenance costs, which can include regular system updates and maintenance.

Overall, investing in a commercial door access control system is a wise decision for any modern business looking to improve security and efficiency.


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